Road SIDI's and adapters..

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So long story short, I bought what i thought was MTB Sidis on US ebay, turned out to be mislisted and I'm now the owner of SIDI genius 4's with a refund for the actual price, so I got to keep the shoes for postage/customs cost at around 20-25 quid

However I ride Time ATAC on all my bikes, road, offroad and fixed commuter, I love atacs, heavily invested in the system, and feel comfortable with them.

These SIDI's won't be used for walking around in I have 'casual' clipless shoes for commuting/around town these will be used for long weekend rides where the only ground they touch will be the floor of a cafe/pub stop.

So my main question is are these safe/good to use? ... B002EVS3BG

My only other option is the shoes came with a set of speedplay X good con cleats attached, speedplay X pedals used seem to be around £40, but I'm not sure I have any need to swap...