Training efficiently due to time constraints

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Like a lot of people I'm limited in the time I can put in on the bike due to work and family commitments.

I get out on a Saturday morning for a club ride, typically 60-70 hilly miles at around 17mph average. I may also be able to do a few short sessions on rollers during the week (45-60mins per session, realistically 1-2 sessions per week).

Given time constraint of say 6hrs/week how should I spend it most effectively to improve with a goal of starting racing this spring?


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    Interval training
  • Any chance you can commute on the bike? Its not an alternative for many people obviously, but if you can you can add some good quality miles during the week. I'm fortunate enough to be able to add 60-100 miles a week getting to and from work and those are really valuable miles for me.

    Good luck

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  • +1 for using the commute if you can, Having made the change I would not go back to driving even in terrible weather.
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    Rent a powermeterand cut out any junk miles?
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    Your Saturday club endurance ride coupled with some high intensity roller stuff should be plenty. Make those two sessions quality ones with intervals and or threshold work
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    Thanks all, good to hear that it may be sufficient. At present I am riding with a group where I would now be one of the stronger riders. I have progressed from a beginner group (2 weeks of 14mph flat 35 mile runs) through an intermediate group to my current group which is one below the group which the faster guys who do open races are in.

    I always stepped up when I felt I was comfortable in the group figuring that to progress I should be pushing myself and feeling some pain. Should I maybe step up to the faster group to push myself (at the risk of getting dropped which doesn't bother me too much) or will this be counterproductive to be working quite hard?

    My average HR has been around 140 on club runs recently, I feel I am working hard when I average more like 160 on a long run (max rate recorded 194 but typically 186).