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tigerbrewtigerbrew Posts: 2
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Has anyone had or heard of problems over copyright of music tracks played over video footage posted to You Tube or any other such sites ?


  • youtube now have a direct link to the itunes store to buy the song you use, which i think is their way of keeping on top of copyright infringement.... that way everyone can see who the music is by, and if they like it buy it easily. i've posted a couple of vids on there without giving credits for the music and haven't had a problem so far
  • Ive put music over various vids on you tube and never had a problem. I think as long as you put the artist and track at the start of the description there shouldn't be a problem.
  • From my experience this it what happens.

    If you post a vid with a known published artist, Youtube will know within minutes
    who it is, basically all sound and music is scanned and logged against a database
    of all published music. It's called 'Fingerprinting'.

    They do warn you that is copyright material, but they will publish a link to itunes,
    if the video gets a lot of hits it is generally flagged up by the record company, Warner, Sony etc,
    they will then make the decision to ban it or not based on the videos content and if it used to promote
    or make money for yourself. You can at this stage dispute it. I have a video that's now over 250k hits
    which is an original piece of music, but because it uses a Martin Luther King sample on it
    was flagged up as someone elses music. On the second attempt I lost my claim, the track is still
    running though.

    They didn't however pick up the fact that it was a re-edit of a very, very well known MTB movie,
    (the first and only time I have done this).

    The irony is that if it is flagged up as a recognized piece of music, Youtube are allowed to run
    adverts at the front of your music, to make money basically, not to mention any of the hit
    throughs from itunes. Some say it's slightly hypocritical, but then they call the shots.

    The thing is, the videos I have put up with a known artists music seem to get more hits than ones
    where I use my own music, or non-published music, I wonder why ;o).

    If you can't put up with all that, use Vimeo or Pinkbike.

    Hope this helps.
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