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Windproof shorts

Pickle LilyPickle Lily Posts: 45
edited January 2013 in Women
I'm after some windproof shorts or 3/4 lengths. Particularly ones that protect the thighs. Does anybody have an recommendations?



  • MissBint37MissBint37 Posts: 1,503
    Things that profess to be wind proof rarely are so I gave up on chasing the illusive garment(s).... wearing thermals underneath is generally the look I go for and it keeps me warm. See loads out in shorts and 'tights' so I am not the only one rocking the granny look :)
    Ride it like you stole it!
  • I wear plenty of thermals (not sure what else I would be wearing in this weather?), but despite this my thighs are like blocks of ice by the end of a ride. Hence looking for something wind proof to wear on top.

    No other suggestions?
  • slowsiderslowsider Posts: 197
    Perhaps a change of diet will reduce the wind ?
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