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Just out of interest, how much are people willing to pay for a brand spanking new Cervelo S1 56cm / black & red scheme with full campagnolo groupset (Record etc.) see attached.

The frame is now extinct as Cervelo do not make it anymore.

Just wondering if its worth keeping or selling??


  • Careca
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    If you're not going to use it then it's worth selling. If you like it and are going to use it, then it's worth keeping!

    As for what people will pay, who knows? Is it all record? Or just some parts of the groupset? Fleabay will decide what people will pay.
  • I bought the last S1 frame too; kitted mine with Sram Force. Haven't ridden it much as yet - about 500 miles since last August - but I definitely wouldn't sell mine, despite its low use. The S1 is a great bike to ride but also a little bit of history; I'm not saying it will be worth millions in the future, but it is a bike with a story behind it, and that makes it of above average interest IMHO.....

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  • Dekker
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    Another question, if anyone knows - the frame has a Cervelo warranty - so what happens if the worst happens and the frame fails - how will Cervelo replace it?? S2?
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