Opinions on some bikes please

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I've come up with a shopping short list in the £1000 region so would appreciate the opinions of anyone any first hand experience of one or more of them.

Scott Speedster
Trek Domane 2.0
Cube Peloton
Canyon Roadlite
Sensa Romagna
Ribble 7046 Sportive

Riding is sportive level, fitness and general, Sunday afternoon rides around country lanes sort of thing. Not racing, not commuting (although will be my only road bike so year round suitability a bonus). WIll try and go for the 105 version of those with a choice although some more likely to be tiagra (e.g. the domane) due to price.

I've got test rides on the Domane and the Cube next week - hopefully on the Scott in a few weeks, Evans don't have them in yet. Would especially like thoughts on the Canyon, Sensa and Ribble as unlikely I'll get to try these. Does the better bang for buck of these three automatically make them a better option than the others?

Much appreciated.


  • 16mm
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    It doesn't work out the the bike with the most expensive list proce of components will be best for you.
    I'd suggest getting a bike that you like the look of and want to ride.
    For me that would remove the trek ribble and scott.

    They'll all good bikes though.
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    They are all perfectly good bikes. Assuming the fit you & are the type of bike you want, I'd go by spec & price. I'd probably end up with the Ribble - nice frame & I live in Preston! Canyon looks good though.
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    Latest Cycling Plus (Feb 2013) test six £1,000 sportive bikes, including some of those on your list.
  • Steve236
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    They were indeed. That's why they're on the list.
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    Dont forget giants defy 1 or the focus varido 2..
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  • Steve236
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    I don't know what it is about them but looks-wise, I've never really taken to the Giants.
  • kamil1891
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    Canyon because it's the lightest, looks best(for me), has the best components (tyres, gruppo, wheels, everything). You wouldn't need upgrading any time soon as you probably would with other bikes. And most importantly it rides so good it's a steal at the price they are asking. I've got one as my training bike and couldn't be happier for the money I've paid.
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    i've got the sensa romagna special and couldn't be happier with it.
    it's very very fast, so not a relaxed bike by any means. i'm using mine for commuting as well as the weekend, and although it wont take full guards, it does make a commute a bit more fun and exciting.
    the canyons do seem very good, but the sensa was just the right price point for me and ticked all the boxes so it worked for me!
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    Kamil, how is the Canyon in terms of harshness? How do you feel after a day in the saddle? Snipsnap, same question for the sensa. Thanks
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    Today 130km for example and no problems at all apart from my fitness which is slightly suffering since the crash I've had a month ago. I did my longest distances on the roadlite during the summer abroad and it was perfectly good (I didn't want to take my best bike on the plane). It could be full alu except the fork but it's really comfy bike and designed for long distances in mind. However, it's no worse in other areas and it's seriously light compared to other bikes in the price range.

    There is a little more on this bike and photos, from last winter. viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=12833428&p=17724428&hilit=canyon+roadlite#p17724428