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snowed in Saturday thread

97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
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Morning esteemed crudders.

Today will involve many espressos, cleaning bikes, a ride out with the kids, and depending on what the weather brings a search through the garage for my snow chains.

Plus something manly like making brioche rolls.
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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,900
    Who knows what today will bring as I have got a case of the Mark Fowlers & therefore might not even survive the day.

    As I am a real man I will obviously carry on regardless of the pain I am in. So, we were meant to go to Ludlow to return my broken watch :( but as the current wife sorted that yesterday we might go to Shrewsbury to their fantastic wine place Tanners and visit a new bike shop there.

    Later will be the pub, then kids in bed and drink overpriced wines :)
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
    Morning bumders

    Supposed to be playing hockey this afternoon but kind of hoping the pitch will be frozen so it can be called off. Rest of the day will be uni meh and taking El Guapo out for a spin.

  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 44,019
    Morning Pond Life,

    Have now survived my second week in the new job and am starting to enjoy having the minions running around doing stuff for me so I won't have to work like a bastid all the time.

    No snow here but getting cold so took the car down to the local Albanian car wash for a once over rather than lose a few fingers doing it myself :) Now coffee'd up and have bought a copy of the 'Dirt 100' to try and revive my DH mojo for when the weather gets a bit better.

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  • Morning.

    Today will mainly involve getting up and doing not much. Then off to the in-laws to pick up all my parcels, coffee, fix the RL and then tidy the house.

    For now though, I'm off to pipe a censored out.

  • Morning homos.

    Cleaned the Rockhopper this morning. I am absolutely appalled at how gopping I'd let the drivetrain get. And Quite surprised and how quickly it's got that way considering it's only ridden on the road.

    Anywho, got to go to Tesco in a minute, then later I've got to take the nipper to a birthday party.

    Cheeky little road ride planned for tomorrow.
  • Afternoon Losers!

    Well, went out in Manchester and drank many White Russians, some better than others. Ended the night in a disaster where so many people made their own ways home that I ended up by myself and paying £40 back to Bury. Needless to say, I'm a bit pi$$ed off about that. I didn't even feel ill this morning!

    Today, I'm editing some film and audio that I recorded before going out last night. Haven't done this for a while, so I'm looking forward to it to be honest.

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  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Afternoon hub turners

    Second driving lesson this morning.Went well, into 3rd gear. However, the instructor told me that my driving style in yesterday's first lesson was "somewhat disturbing"

    Uni work essay thing all of today,with many a foray to Morrsions planned (free and reduced meat - WIN)

    Off up to Kielder tommorrow, hopefully the snow and ice won't be too bad...
    Speaking of which, anyone any thoughts on Kielder?

  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    Ey oop team!

    Last day on the slopes of morzine and avoriaz, after it snowed all yesterday the sun came out today! I have been EPIC! If a little old and creaky! Went in the jump park and showed the young uns a thing or two! Have just had post ski pint sat in the hot tub ;-)

    Am really looking fwd to a bit of easy jet tomorrow, gonna make sure i experience it with a hangover that would obviously kill a civvy!
    Loving life in rural SW France

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