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PSA Trail Closures at Bedgebury

boriselbrusboriselbrus Posts: 16
edited January 2013 in Routes
Just a heads up really...

From this morning significant sections of the singletrack are being temporarily closed. Despite a huge amount of work and investment in the last couple of years the exceptionally wet weather has caused some parts of some of the trails in literally just sink into the ground. This has caused significant safety issues in some areas and the trail has become very unpleasant to ride in others. The trails have been closed to prevent injury and to try and preserve what we have left!

The sections closed are: Genesis, Holby, Jurassic Park, Wanda, Kickstart, Three Chimneys, Bikea, Magic Carpet, Deliverance and Fibreglass trees. There are sign posted diversions utilising the surfaced forest roads.

This action has been agreed between the club, the FC and Quench the on site bike shop. The FC have, I have to say been brilliant with their response. The plan is to rebuild and re-open as soon as possible and significant resources have been made available as the FC recognise how important the trails are to the site.

If all goes to plan, Genesis to Kickstart will be re-opened in 6-8 weeks, with the section from Three Chimneys to Fibreglass Trees taking up to 6 months. If you have ridden any of these sections recently you will understand why these bits could take a while... We will be taking the opportunity to enhance rather than just rebuild the trails so hopefully when they re-open they will be even more fun!

What you can do to help

Firstly, PLEASE DON'T ride the closed trails. It just makes things worse and costs more time and money until it is opened again. Even if it looks complete don't ride it until it's opened. It is so demoralising to have to regrade a section of trail when tyre marks appear in uncompacted material.

If you can, help out with our trail builds on the second Saturday of the month from 10am onwards meeting at the bike wash. We have quite a part to play in the rebuild process and the more work we do, the sooner we can re-open and the better the trails will be.

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