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Broken ankle

baxboybaxboy Posts: 19
Well I've only gone and broken my ankle.
Not looking for sympathy,just what sort of recovery times have others experienced?
Broke Tib and fib,plate and weight on it for 6 weeks and then go from there.

What are others experiences with broken ankles?

Any tips on recovering quicker would be handy.

Any unwanted ps3 games,blue rays,DVDs welcome :D


  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    i snapped my fib a few years ago, and badly damaged my ankle at the same time

    the ankle took longer tio heal than the fib, especially in terms of flexibility

    My advice, get online and see what you can do in terms of diet to accelerate the healing. When you start physio, go more than once (unlike me). Bear in mind that you will have an imbalance after getting your cast off, since your unbroken leg will overcompensate for the broken one in terms of supporting your frame. Getting that balance back is key. I didn't focus on that, and it caused me back problems around a year later.

    Take your time

    Best of luck
  • baxboybaxboy Posts: 19
    Interesting, thanks.
  • Hi

    Similar thing here. I broke my tib & fib, and knackered my ankle a week before Christmas. I had my second plaster removed on Friday, the breaks on the leg healed fine. They put 2 pins & plate to hold my ankle together as I had essntialy torn the tissue/muscle etc apart.

    I am awaiting an op to remove the pins, upto 4 weeks from last friday. I have been told to continue to use my crutches, but could stand up on it, just not walk about. Each days it got better, and now I feel ready, but reluctant to start exercise as under Drs orders not to, until the pins are out.

    Can wait to get back on the bike(s).
  • Kaz_SKaz_S Posts: 22
    Very similar injury to mine.

    I fell from a horse and broke tib and fib and dislocated my ankle. Week in hospital, 2 surgery's and 3 months of no weight bearing at all.. was the longest summer of my life. Was told I'd never see full movement back, but they were wrong, it's all there.

    This was 7 years ago, I don't hear a peep from it now a days. I'd say it took a good year to get full strength back in my leg, bones heal easily, it's the ligament damage that took it's time (I stretched mine when my ankle dislocated). All I'd say, is don't rely on the NHS's physio, if it's anything like mine, you'll have 6 group sessions then they'll sign you off. Pay for private physio, you will make a faster and stronger recovery.
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  • baxboybaxboy Posts: 19
    Quick update, I'm back at work and back on the mtb!.
    Haven't got full movement back yet but can ride no problem.
    I'm walking ok and not on painkillers, has been a long road but alls good.
    Thanks for the replies :D
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    The only way to get full movement back is to keep pushing the movement, it will hurt (oh boy will it) but worth it in the long run.

    A Friend had this when he smashed his tib (still pinned now, 10 years later) and broke his fib, also my Sister had similar with her upper arm broken very close to the shoulder.

    Best of luck!
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  • lanzzuelanzzue Posts: 2
    yeah,Pay for private physio, you will make a faster and stronger recovery.thank you
  • miltmilt Posts: 115
    Broke outer and inner ankle bones on 11th jan cast on for 6 wks still can't walk properly and seeing consultant on 19th April and doing c2c beginning of may sik as a chip
  • SitterSitter Posts: 40
    Broke my ankle (lateral malleolus) a couple of years ago during a drunken birthday celebration, was in a cast for 8.5wks, non weight bearing for 7 of those. No op for me but one thing I will say, from experience, is don't get back on and push it too soon. I got back on a snowboard a week or two earlier than recommended and still suffer with some days when my ankle goes really stiff. I never had physio tho, doc just discharged me with a list of movement exercises to do...
  • bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
    I finally started doing some light Mountain biking after 8 weeks on a broken fib, lateral colateral, medial collateral ligament tears and medial meniscus tear. Hurts sometimes but it's getting there. Quad muscle is none existant so my left side is very weak.
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