Cycling with a sore throat

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Over a week ago I got a heavy cold, which I soon got over but left me with no voice. After a frustrating week it is just starting to recover and I have finally been able to talk to people at work today in a very quiet hoarse voice.

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from being off the bike since Christmas, and I'm desperate to get some fresh air, but I'm conscious that it could set me back again if I do too much. If I do a couple of hours flat riding at low intensity this weekend, will that do me any good or should I just stay in and rest?


  • Normally I would say there is no harm, but this weekend is going to be very cold, so better not...

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    Stay off the bike till the throat is ok again.

    About 15 years ago I kept riding through a bad cold, as I always had in the past, and ended up with 8 months off the bike with low level glandular fever.
    Not saying that will happen to you, but is a couple of days off the bike not better than risking a long layoff? It is mid Winter anyway.
  • had a very heavy cold all week went out on bike for 20 miles yesterday bedded all day today :(
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    Definitely stay off the bike until you are fully recovered.

    I started one of the Tour of Britain sportive rides last September with a cold/sore throat. I managed about 15 miles in total and then returned to the start.
    Long and short, the sore throat got infinitely worse, other complications set in, loads of medication, I had to have 3 days off work the following week, and I was off the bike completely for 8 weeks. Still haven't fully recovered now and am still struggling to regain any modicum of fitness!!

    It's not worth the risk - trust me!
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    If I do a couple of hours flat riding at low intensity this weekend, will that do me any good

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    I'm sorry, but if you've been well enough to go to work, and all you have is a bit of a sore throat, then low intensity riding will be fine. If unsure then why not try one hour rather than two? You should know yourself if you feel ok or not. If you still feel ill to fever then probably best not to ride but if it's juts a sore throat.

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    General consensus is that if infection remains above the neck i.e sore throat / head cold then you're probably OK, but if you're suffering from any form of cough or chest infection - rest. There are lots of cases where strenuous exercise with a serious cold has caused chronic complications or even premature death! I know someone who now suffers from tachycardia due to over-doing it with a cold. ... 090639.htm
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    Would agree with resting due to chest infection but not just because of a cough. Coughs can take weeks to shift!
    Also the OP said they were over the cold and had a sore throat. Me and my cough will be out tomorrow morning :)