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I am sure there have been 101 threads on this already, so I do apologise in advance.

At the moment I am doing some rides after work just to keep the fitness up, 20miles or so.

I've got some decent rear lights so that is no problem, but my front, I struggle to see a lot with. Currently I am using a Fenix PD3 for my vision and a 3led cateye just for visibility to other road users. The Fenix is great, however it can only be run on main beam for around 20minutes(I imagine it gets too hot?) and I am riding in un-lit roads.

I am considering getting another light and so far value for money, I have found the Smart Lunar 35lux for 18GBP. I'm not looking to spend too much as I really only need them for a couple of months. Are there any other recommendations at all around this price range?