HELP - Specialized SL3 internal Cable Routing bits !

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ok, i have a used SL3 that is missing the ICR cable stops and rubber "bungs" for the internal gear and brake cables.

my local bike shop, a specialized dealer, have spoken to Specilized who are sending through some bits however not sure whether these will be correct parts

i imagine as the new 2013 bikes have internal routing they must be available however might have to wait some time

can anyone help ? have any second hand SL3 parts or know how i could source some

appeciate any guidance



  • Hi - I have the same problem, were you able to sort it out through Specialized or get them through another source? Thanks
  • chris217
    chris217 Posts: 218
    yes, ordered through spesh dealer from Specialized themselves, they were very helpful ialso bought a another set for spares for £9
  • Thanks for reply, which store was it? - I've been quoted approx £25 by Ruislip, but the guy who I spoke to wasn't sure? £9 for 2 sets sounds more like it though