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Replacing Frame Bearings - Do I Need the Tools?

TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
edited January 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Ev'nin all. I'm after a bit of advice regarding bearings please.

I'm after replacing the bearings in a Santa Cruz Nickel; but at the moment I don't have any of the tools to do. I'm more than prepared to spend the money buying them if needs be; but is there a way to do it without them?

I found this on bikeradar which reccomends using a block of wood and a hammer to refit them. Now this didn't strike me as being a brilliant idea; but am I just being overly cautious?

In short; get the tools or hit it with a hammer?

Ta all.
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  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    How confident are you with a hammer?

    Sockets make great punches. Wood is excellent as it is soft and does not damage.

    Rememebr, if you are putting a bearing on a shaft you need to press/hit the centre race.

    If you are putting a baearing in a hole, you need to press/hit the outer race.

    Do not press/hit through the bearing itself!

    Laslty, one good hit is much better than lots of silly little taps.
  • bikaholicbikaholic Posts: 350
    The fast and easy way to get bearings out is to knock them out with a hammer and whatever rod-shaped tool will fit.

    If you can't knock them back in then use a nut, bolt and some big washers - essentially creating a bearing press which is similar to a headset press.
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