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I suffer from bad circulation of the hands and feet, which is not a good thing to suffer from if out cycling in the cold in the north east. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so what do they use to make the ride more pleasant. I changed from a mountain bike to a road bike recently so the vibration is more noticeable, even on the roads. Can anyone offer me some guidance please


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    Hi Ralphy

    I suffer fron Raynaud's syndrome which is pretty much bad circulation to the hands and feet. I have to take calcium blockers such as Nifedapin(sp) which do help. Other than that I have to wrap up warm, wear gloves etc etc....but this doesn't really help on days colder than 5 degs so I just have to put up with it!

    It may be worth speaking to your doctor if they are really bad to see what they can do to help.

    Sorry I haven't really been much help in offering solutions!

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  • cheers mate, the doctor prescribed me something last year which boost blood flow but it gave me headaches, i did continue but after the months course it pretty much went back to normal. I do wear gloves all year round for cycling and wrap up warm, its just when i start getting tired during a long ride my blood flow slows which means i start suffering with white fingers, not nice at all.

    Thanks Stu
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    I too suffer with white finger and have done for many years of running. When i was young i had frostbite in the winter of 1963. When I was fairly new to riding I was getting so cold that it took me ages to warm up and the people I was with were quite concerned about me. Uncontrollable shaking and incoherent on occasions. This year it has been very much better and I put it down to two reasons. I am more confident now and don't grip so hard. I have more bike specific clothing and am able to wrap up toasty warm with several layers, bib tights merino base layer etc. because my core is warmer over time and distance, my hands are warmer and I don't suffer so much. What I am now finding is that my feet are getting cold and I need to get into neoprene overshoes. We've not had really cold weather yet but I think I will cope

    So sometimes 4 or 5 layers when I go out and it seems to do the trick. Hope that helps
  • I was with my chiropodist today who diagnosed me with poor nerve sensations in both my feet as a result of bad blood circulation and the fact that I'm a diabetic. She has suggested that I do calf stretches twice a day and to drink plenty of tonic water. When I cycle I wear very good gloves and over covers for my shoes. I also suffer from arthritis in my hands and right knee.
  • cheers all for your good advice