Source Of Reliable Elevation Data?

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I've imported my rides into Strava from 2 different sources (Cyclemeter and Bryton Rider 40) over the past few months and see a variation of Total Elevation Gain on the same route - upto 15% in some cases (sometimes from the same device).

I have a spreadsheet of all my rides (exported from Strava using Veloviewer) and would like to record a definitive 'Total Elevation' next to each route.

Does anyone know if Google Earth is the most reliable source of this info?
I've imported a ride into Google Earth and it's given me a Total Elevation Gain of 1040ft which is 10-25% higher than all of my Strava records for this route.

Are there any other reliable sources?


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    Probably not but you could just ride and enjoy. This is not aimed at you but it seems a lot of cyclists are turning into a cycling version of rain man with all their needs for stats.
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    The best you can get would be Digital Elevation Data of the UK. Where or how you get that, what program you use to view it and how many thousands it would cost I ve no idea.

    In reality you re probably no worse off with Google Earth than any other data source
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  • I find the SRTM elevation correction data in the free version of SportTracks to be pretty good.