Garmin Repair Questions - Edge 500 cracked screen

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I've cracked the screen on my garmin edge 500 and Garmin have said that as it is out of warranty my only option is a replacement that will cost £68.

does anyone know if they'll just swap the screen or will they send out a new or refurbished unit?

the buttons are also a bit dodgy so if its a different unit then £68 isnt too bad but if its just £68 for the new screen and i'll still have the other little problems then its a bit steep!! - a site for sore eyes


  • thefd
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    My understanding is that it is far cheaper and easier for them to send you a new or refurbished model! Apple do the same if you have an issue with an iPhone for example!
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  • Camus
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    Not sure what would happen, but I'd presume if they could just mend the screen rather than sending you a new 500 then that's what they'd do for sure because it'll cost less. Garmin have just released the successors to the 500 & 800 so I don't know if that will work in your favour or not.
  • chris_bass
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    I spoke to garmin today and they send out an 'as new' refurbished unit so for £68 I think thats what i'm going to go for! - a site for sore eyes