Bristol Trail Building (jumps, flat turns etc)

samfowler Posts: 3
edited January 2013 in MTB rides
Hey, after getting fed up of loosing secret spots to ride and dig and getting lines knocked down due to landowners or SSSI interests I've spoken to the FC and the only place left to dig looks like Long Ashton Plantation near Long Ashton (about a mile from the Ashton Court trails so a good spot). Even Rowberrow on the Mendips is proving to be a no go and digging anything more than turns there will almost certainly cause issues and work to be a waste. The FC only lease the standing trees there and the landowners are getting pi**ed off with the riders.

Long Ashton is close to Bristol and although it doesn't have much gradient or ground features it does promise to be a place that we could build on and not have stuff knocked down.

The Forestry want a meeting with some riders so if anyone is interested in building something good, meeting like minded riders and reducing the effort of building good lines then reply here or message me.