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Quebrantahuesos sportive, Spain

Hi there,

Just heard I'm in for this - or rather for the shorter Treparriscos (Osprey) 90km route! I chickened out of trying for the full Vulture (Quebrantahuesos) as it's 200km and over loads of Pyrenean peaks.

Anyone else doing this event? June 22nd.


  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    yep - full monty for me :D
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  • Are you travelling independently or going with a tour company?

    I'm just starting to make arrangements and find myself a place to stay - everywhere nearby pretty much booked up but I've found a mobile home on a campsite! Looks like it is on the route of the Treparriscos.
  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    going with Train in Spain :D
    Your Past is Not Your Potential...
  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 2,259
    I'm not doing it but train in Spain seems the fuss feed version with garunteed entry. I want to do it next year.
  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    How's everyones training etc going for this then?

    I must confess to being slightly nervous about the fact its 205km but not really worried about the climbing as I've done lots of that so know what i can do (and cant) and the training for this part is going well. Its the lack of looooong rides so far this year that has me a slightly nervous.
    Your Past is Not Your Potential...
  • silkypedalssilkypedals Posts: 214
    I'm down for the big one, staying in Jaca for a few days before then heading to Barcelona afterwards to chill. My biggest concern is confort on the bike, and I'm making last minute adjustments (shorter stem etc) to make my ride position as sweet as possible. If you have the gears, the kit and the fuel you can always get round.. but the misery of a sore back or sore censored for 9 hours is unbearable :roll: ! Also taking some low salt mix (potassium and sodium) to top up my waterbottles and energy drinks.. I sweat a lot, and the heat can easily reach the mid 30s.

    I have the wiggle dragon ride a few weeks before to confirm all the kit is ok.
  • silkypedalssilkypedals Posts: 214
    How is everyone's preparation for this ride? Excited? I've never ridden a bike in the Pyrenees, so can't wait. Usual anxiety about not enough preparation etc my side. Learned strongly from the Dragon ride to hydrate properly, so taking some electrolyte tabs with me.

    I'm riding off 9500, so hoping to find a reasonably fast group to create some distance from the broom wagon !
  • garyspaingaryspain Posts: 105
    How did it go? I thought it was great, brilliantly organized for such a massive event. Col de Portelet was stunning!
    6.24 for me so second pen if I have another go next year :D But €5 for a tiny chorizo bocadillo was a bit steep, not seen that price in Spain before!
  • silkypedalssilkypedals Posts: 214
    Wonderful event, brilliant organisation, more than enough food and drink stops. 7:50 for me. Happy with that and finished with extra in the tank. Next, la vaugany in a few days.

    6:24 is a great time, well done
  • T.C.T.C. Posts: 495
    gary spain -silkypedals -I opted for the dreilander giro this year, but fancy this next year- I understand it's a lottery !!to get in - ok to DM you /
  • yorkshirerawyorkshireraw Posts: 1,445
    I did this with John and his traininspain team. Excellent trip, well organised but relaxed at the same time, only thing you need to worry about is getting yourself round the event itself! We stayed in Jaca which is a nice little place to spend a few days.

    The QBH event is great, esp with the way the weather went. Lots of support, help (mechanical or medical if needed), v quick water refills (I didn't use the provided food so can't comment on that) and lots and lots of riders of all standards!

    On the day I was fine with the climbing but descended like a Wiggins in the Giro, so something to work on. Will certainly be aiming to return and better my effort (and learn to drop properly). Will have no hesitation in booking it with traininspain again (no connection to them, just a satisfied customer).
  • Ed FEd F Posts: 79
    My first QH. Had a ball. Superbly organised. I was in the last pen but crossed the start line only 7 mins after those in the front pen, which is a little better than hanging around for 40 mins as I had to do in the Marmotte! After some rain on Friday, the sun came out on Saturday, as my tan lines now testify. I got round in 6hrs 18mins which way exceeded my expectations, 349th overall.

    I was surprised how few Brits, and indeed nationals other than Spaniards I saw during the event - a massive contrast to the Etape and Marmotte. I'd encourage anyone interested in a Euro cyclosportive to give QH a go.
  • garyspaingaryspain Posts: 105
    That's a good time Ed F, you must have been doing some expert weaving on the Marie Blanque. See you in the 2nd pen next year.
  • garyspaingaryspain Posts: 105
    A report on the Quebratahuesos on Spanish tv tonight, 10.00pm Uk time
    repeated tomorrow, should get a feed with the link below.
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