fulcrum racing 7

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Have order fulcrum racing 7 wheel set http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/fulcrum- ... 67961.html. It say at the bottom that it is compatible with Campagnolo®, Shimano Inc. and Sram. Will my 8 speed cassette fit it. The cassette is I think shimano 2300 it come off a Triban 3.
Have been looking on the net and have started to think it wont fit. :?
If not the wife will hang me up as more expense :shock:
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  • Buckie2k5
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    aslong as you ordered the shimano version it will be fine. i got my fulcrums from them excellent price and delivery time.
  • anthdci
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    whilst not the exact same wheels, I've got some fulcrum racing 5 and it fit my 2300 8-speed cassette just fine.
  • Brad123
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    Thanks Buckie2k5 they are shimamo so will be ok. :D

    Thanks anthdci looks algo then happy days :D
    GT Avalanche for xc fun
    Btwin Triban 3