(Fairly) New Rider & New Bike

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Just wanted to say thanks for the info on here to everyone who contributes... been reading up for over a month now and it's inspired me to get back in the saddle. Used to commute 5 miles a day all through school on a massive Raleigh in the 80's and then had a spate of commuting on a Peugeot in the 90's 16 miles a day across Cornwall, but this is first foray into cycling for the sake of it!

Was intending to get a Triban 3 to celebrate a year of not smoking, but then saw a new in box Scott Speedster S40 (2011) on ebay and picked it up for £340 - love the look of it and spent a long evening setting up and putting coats of wax on. Only given it a quick spin so far to test but loved it.

45 and need to lose a stone and get fit again after being a lazy git for a while, so looking forward to racking up some miles and may even enter the 54 mile coast to coast for the Somerset/Dorset Air Ambulance in May too!

Thanks again guys - already hiding boxes of kit from Decathlon and Planet-X as they arrive!

Sorry the photo is a bit poor... and I expect to be told to remove the reflectors too!


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    nice bike and a bit of a bargain,enjoy.welcome to the forum .now just ride the wheels of it.
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    Wax? What type and what for?

    What you been getting from decathlon and planet x :)
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    Yes get rid of the reflectors and level the saddle. Not a bad buy for £340. Enjoy!
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    nochekmate wrote:
    Yes get rid of the reflectors and level the saddle. Not a bad buy for £340. Enjoy!

    If riding this time of the year when you are often in the dark or poor light conditions why would you get rid of the reflectors? I've just put some back on my bike, safety over looks every time.