Rim tape puncture?

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Hi still quite new to this, just fitted some new tyres/tubes. Managed to get a puncture on the inside of the inner tube :shock:

Can this happen if the rim tape is not completely covering the spoke holes? I did check when fitting new inner tube, but when it came to swapping out the flat there was say 1mm gaps?


  • Yes it can, in my experience. I changed the rim tape and stopped it happening again.
  • alihisgreat
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    I've got quite a big gap in my rim tape which came on the bike when I bought it new! wasn't impressed when I changed the tyres for the first time!

    never had a problem with it so I just left like I found it-> I imagine it could be a problem with lighter more fragile inner tubes though.
  • Riggsy12
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    I cant think what else could have done it? Puncture on the inside of the tube???

    Ive seen well know branded rim tape for sale but surely they all do the same?

    Should I invest in something like this...

  • Riggsy12
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    Just had another search on the net. It seems Velox or high pressure rim tape is def the way to go. Cheers for the replys problem solved!
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    In a pinch I've used two wraps of insulation tape. It works.
  • It doesn't necessarily mean that the rim tape is at fault - if your type pressure drops enough and grit gets inside of the tyre, it can easily work its way under the innertube if you deflate the inner at any point.
  • You need to match the rim tape width with the rim width... if you have normal 19-20 mm road rims, 16 mm tape is fine, but if you have wider rims, then you might need 19-20 mm tape.
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