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Adjusted Saddle, now trying to do me an injury

mbthegreatmbthegreat Posts: 179
edited February 2013 in The workshop
So I had a wee fiddle with my saddle the other day, just to change the position slightly. Got it how I wanted it, all happy, set off, but after a few miles the whole thing slipped back on the bolt to the seatpost and angled itself up quite a lot. Not comfortable on the old censored .

So methinks, I just didn't tighten the bolt tight enough, reset it, tighten it up (using allen key on a multitool) and off I go again. Same thing happens.

Ride it for a day pointing skyward, get home, bust out the big proper key and tighten it as hard as my pathetic girly arms can achieve.

Lasts for a few days but is gradually slipping again.

WTF is going? I'm a big guy, about 95kg, but I've never had this problem before...


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