Which Spec @ £1500

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Right then, Ive decided I want a Specialized road bike.
Reason for it being a spec is my LBS are fantastic and their support and help over the last year has been epic, oh and of course they are a spec main dealer.

So, mountain biking is my main hobby, but would like a road bike to put in some additional fitness training with the odd duathlon and maybe a triathlon in 2014.

Main work will be 20-25mile local routes on small B roads several times a week. No seriously epic spins, perhaps a London-Brighton at somepoint in 2014.

Ive been thinking of the following 3, with the Elite a real struggle to justify the extra £300 spend as

1. Roubaix Compact Sport @ £1500 with a mix of Shimano 105 and Tiagra
2. Tamrac Sport @ £1500 with more 105 than roubaix
3. Roubaix Elite @ £1800 with all 105 components and Axis 2.0 wheels instead of 1.0 on 1,2

Has anyone ridden them back to back or having a recommendation to make?

Any comments would be appreciated.


  • philbar72
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    Depends on your needs, the Roubaix is more comfort orientated, the Tarmac more of a race bike.

    All 3 are good with the universal exceptions being the wheels which aren't great to be fair. the good thing about tiagra and 105 is you can update parts of the drivetrain to ultegra if needs be, or get decent low cost spares for them.

    Me, i'd take the tarmac.

    are you open to other options? i.e doesn't have to be a specialized?
  • dwanes
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    Good on you for going to your LBS.

    I would rule out the Elite model, like you say it is an extra £300, it is the same frame and you will not notice any difference in performance from the components, and you will end up buying the odd accessory or upgrade so better saving the £300.

    As for the Roubaix vs tarmac, the only way is for you to try them out, at the least try them for fit in the shop or at best take them for a test ride.

    and just don't get too hung up on the 'comfort' thing with the Roubaix, if the bike is a good fit and set up right then the Tarmac can be just as 'comfy' as the Roubaix. (neither will be like an arm chair).
  • dwanes
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    Oh, I forgot to say, I would also take the Tarmac. :)
  • Thanks Philbar,

    I would like to keep to specialized as a brand as I like their bikes and my LBS provides excellent support which in my view is worth the extra I would be paying over and above a similar specification but cheaper bike.

    good point about the wheels and its something I can upgrade later if required.
    I think I may take comfort over race, so will test a roubaix this weekend.

    Glad to hear all the parts are upgradable to Ultegra later if required.

  • Ps.Thanks Dwanes, looks like I need to test both back 2 back :)
  • Do they stock any other bike brands?