Moda Intro 2013

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Hi guys & gals,

just thought I'd post my initial thoughts on my new purchase - the Moda Intro 2013.

Picked it up from Evans in Brentford after trying a Pinnacle Evaporite 2, CAAD 8, BMC Street Racer SR01 & the Moda.
Before I get on to the bike, Jonny in the store was awesome - knew what he was talking about & offered some seriously unbiased reviews! He had all the time in the world for us!

Narrowed my choice down to the CAAD 8 & the Moda, and TBH, I felt much more comfortable on the Moda - I know people love Cannondale, but it's down to what fits you best right?

Spec can be found at Evans, so I won't bore you with it here.
I will be using it mainly for the commute, with a few triathlons thrown in for good measure. The odd sportive will undertaken as well, I imagine. :wink:

I have ridden it for 40 miles now, & can say that it is very comfortable, absorbs the potholes & creases well, gear changes are very smooth as you would expect with the Tiagra, and the wheels seem pretty good too (I'm used to riding on Mavic cxp 21's, on a friends Pinarello Angliru and I can notice no discernible difference).

The brakes, whilst not Tiagra (R561's), are very good indeed, having tested them today to avoid a non indicating White Van Man.

The frame, while not the lightest at 10kg, (certainly doesn't feel it) handles itself with aplomb, as I've had to perform a few twisty turny manoeuvres and felt very assured with no wobble at all.

I will say the tyres are probably not the best (Kenda 23c), but will do until I can afford to pop on some Conti 4 Seasons.

The upshot is, that it excites me to ride it, it begs to be ridden and it feels like I could ride all day on it, or just take it out for a 10 mile tear up! Of all the bikes I tested, it wasn't the bike with the best components, but it was the bike with the most 'complete' feel to it. It was the whole package that felt good.

I wrote this mini-review as I couldn't find anything about it when I was looking at it, so I took a punt. Couldn't be happier! :D

I hope this helps anyone else looking for a sub £1k bike to enjoy (£700), with change for the all important things like padded shorts, helmet, locks & insurance.

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Moda Intro - Winter
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  • Calpol
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    Looks a nice bike. Good spec for the money. Enjoy riding it.
  • petemadoc
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    Always nice to have a new bike, enjoy.

    In my experience the cheaper brakes they put on these bikes tend to be OK but over time and a few bad weather rides the performance deteriorates and you really have to keep on top of maintenance, keep them well greased and the cables lubed. New tyres will improve the ride too, just don't get continental ;)
  • MikeJW
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    Just bought the Moda Intro today, I pick it up tomorrow evening...can't wait...this review helped the decision making process, thanks!
  • Gkarno
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    It was also my first ever road bike and have to agree with the review. Love the bike for its looks which makes you want to ride it. Lovely smooth shifting with the tiagra and agree that the tyres aren't the best and the wheels are very basic.