Inner Tube Valve Length

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Sorry this is far from an exciting question, however it's something im curious about still..

So last night i had to change my first inner tube as i had my first puncture on my bike, i replaced the tube with a conti tube of the same size, however i've noticed that the presta valve of the conti tube i've just put in to replace the punctured inner tube, is shorter in length than my other tube in my other wheel which the bike came with... Have i bought the wrong size inner tube (even though it fits and has inflated to the 100psi and the wheels remained on the rim) or is valve length just a preference? i've looked on wiggle an couldn't find any real explanation other than that the longer valve tubes are a few quid more to buy..


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    Long valves are for deep section rims. You can use either style on normal section rims.
    Long valves on std rims can increase the risk of damaging a valve when using a mini pump, it gives you more leverage to twist and bend.
  • Thanks Michael, the standard conti valve seems to be long enough for me to lock my pump onto ok, so i don't imagine i need to buy the longer valve tubes then?... Just wonder why my bike as standard would come with the longer valves then? Hmmm
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    It will just be that the factory buys tubes by the 1000s and will normally buy one valve length that will work on 99% of all their models not withstanding those with aero wheels.
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    Just as a bit of advice. I bought some extended valve Schwalbe innertubes for use mainly with my aero 30mm wheels. I got a puncture one day while using my non aero rims. The length of the valve at the time I didnt think was a problem, until I tried to pump up the tyre with a mini pump. I ended up shearing the valve in half and destoyed the tube all because so much was sticking out of the rim. Not suggesting it will always happen but its worth keeping it in mind.
  • Why do people still use mini pumps when co2 cartridges are so easy to use. I'm thinking this would save with shearing valves too
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    Because pumps do not run out.....and air is free 8)

    .....and if you buy a decent one it comes with a flexi hose connector so you put very little pressure on the valve stem.
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    Much prefer a pump. Co2 just seems wasteful. As mentioned above - a pump can be used many times.
  • CO2 cartridges are one shot only, i much prefer my lezyne pressure drive mini abs pump, works a treat and is beautifully made too!