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SDW100 => 2013 BHF Event - I am signed up again...

Lars1974Lars1974 Posts: 105
edited January 2013 in XC and Enduro
hi all,

after completing last years SDW100 in just over 14h37min hours - I have signed up again for this years challenge for the BHF event. ... -bike.aspx

This year I will be joined by my best friend - who will be flying in for this event from Germany and also my neighbour is joining me too. So it should be another nice ride.

my training has already started and I am back doing Spin classes and going to Swinley as often as I can.
I am sure I will do the SummitSixtyFive as a training run - like last year. (Details:

Anyway, I am sure people from this forum will do the lets keep the training up and I hope to improve on my time from last year!



  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    I do fancy doing this, just not sure I want to commit to a specific day in case the weather's censored !
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