vittoria zaffiro - how long do they last?

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Hi, I have a pair of vittoria zaffiro on my road bike (23c). So far have just over 2000 miles on them and only the one flat. Have been keeping an eye on them and they still look in pretty good shape, but have not used them before so no idea how well they last. Should I be thinking of getting a new set of tyres anytime soon? I notice that planet x seem to be selling a Zaffiro 2 these days, how do these compare? Not had any problems with grip with mine, but not really got much to compare against. Seem very good value though.




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    Keep an eye on the rear tyre as this will be the one that wears the quickest due to more weight being on it,not sure of the life expectancy of the tires but my Zaffiros are still looking good with nearly 3000 miles on them,but I'm not the heaviest rider out there !
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    The Zaffiros on my boardman have over 3500 miles over 18 months on them - still look fine. And I WAS the heaviest rider at 18 stone, for the first 6 months but for the last year at 13.5 stone.
  • They wear well but the profile tends to look a bit square when they wear down, especially at the rear. Probably worth changing when you start to see a lot of cuts and nicks in the rubber or if you start getting frequent punctures. Since they are an entry-level tyre why not take the opportunity to upgrade? I upgraded to Rubino Pros from Zaffiros and they feel a lot better so I would recommend that if you can afford it, if not and sub-£10 is what you want then stick with Zaffiros you won't go wrong. I don't think you'll be able to tell the difference between the versions, 1/2/3 as they're not marked on the casing in my experience they all look much the same...
  • Great tyres, swap them over (front to back) and you will get at least another 1000 miles out of them.
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    Had a pair of zafirro 2 in my garage in red for a few months meant to be my winter tyre and i just never put them on. Not sure i can pull of the red though aha. They're good tyres then?
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    They'll probably last for a decade. They're hard and in my opinion one of the worst tyres available unless you're sticking to a sub £10 budget. If you've ridden 2 - 3,000 miles then I'd thank your lucky stars you've not slid off the bike, put them in the bin and buy a decent set of tyres. Using them in the winter when you need all the grip you can get doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
    (Alternatively, use them on a turbo trainer which is what I do)
  • Hi folks,
    thanks for the info. Interesting range of opinions on how good a tyre they are! Now I'm more confused than ever. One thing I have noticed is that the tread does now look very "squared off", I've not had any problems with flats so far, but I think I will be ordering something new just in case.