hello all

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Hello all at the ripe old age of 43 i have decided to jump in and join the road cycling fun, i have giant defy 2 and really enjoying the miles already.

long term i wish to do lands end to john o groats but only when i have some serious miles under my belt.....looking for a road/tt bike for some garage/trainer work... if anyone has one.

Safe riding.


  • Hello there.

    Can you not just put the defy on the trainer?

    Good bikes btw, I have one too.
  • guess so i just have the buying bug at the moment....well present from the wife actually, i think she is trying to tell me something.
  • Just be aware, I stuck my defy on the trainer using the standard quick release levers (against the trainers instructions) and the bike slipped out of the turbo trainer during a standing sprint. This resulted in me nearly face planting the fridge. No damage other than scratches, could of been worse though.

    Don't use the defy's squared shaped quick releases, use the ones provided with the trainer if instructed!