Back in the saddle after injury: Feels great!!

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Today was judgement day.

After an injury from work in June i have today finally got back in the saddle, & boy did it feel good! If i am honest i have probably been putting it off for atleast a month, it has been a bit of a mental hurdle i was scared to tackle, i guess i was worried about the ankle not coping or being aggravated, & the weather has been really pants too. Anyway, i finally sorted my act out & on the advice of a well know sports manufacturer, 'Just did it'.

The good news is that the ankle suffered no ill effects & coped with long efforts climbing in the saddle, quick sprint bursts out of the saddle & some stand up climbing too. Relief! My base fitness is not too bad but my base speed has obviously suffered as my leg muscles have been on holiday since June. Shouldn't take too long to get em back up to speed.

Only did a couple of hours today, but i'll be back out tomorow! No excuses now!

Steady away...

Just thought i'd share.


  • xcMuttley
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    Well done mate, keep up the good work.
    I know how it feels, after barely riding my bike for two years i managed to get back on it about 6 months ago (This is after spending those two years in a wheelchair or on crutches) I was a rugby player before the injury so wasnt the smallest guy, my legs wasted away as i couldnt move them due to what they think was nerve damage in my spine and i put on a lot of weight due to the immobility. Ive now lost 14kg (Down to 92kg and still losing it) It feels so good to have the mobility and the freedom to ride back. Nothing feels better than a long bike ride :D Now my back isnt hurting im doing at least two hours of riding a day.
    Take it easy and hopefully the pain will be gone soon enough,
    Lets hope this year is better than last for both of us.
    Good luck with your recovery!!
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  • Thanks mate, glad to hear you are back out on the road too. It's nice to get those endorphins flowing again isn't it!

    Best of luck with it all, ride safe.
  • Mikey23
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    Excellent well done... Make sure that you build up gradually and not try to do too much too soon
  • I feel for you, being deprived of your bike for 6 months must have been hard.If I go 3 or 4 days without a bike ride I develop a "bike itch".
    It's good to hear that you've still got the bug.
  • GBR1
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    Good luck, it was my first day out yesterday after been off for a couple of months too. I was told to take it pretty easy for the first two weeks, give a couple of days between rides to let any soreness in the injury subside (if there is any).

    All to easy to over do it in the first few weeks and have a recurring issues which I have done before!