Wheel flex?

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So I've done several 25+ milers since getting my bike and I'm rather liking it.

Yesterday I noticed, as I was standing up and putting in effort up hill that on my left foot downstroke it sounded like the brakes were rubbing ever so slightly, it only did it when I was in too high a gear but were putting in the beans to get over the crest of a hill.

Am I right in thinking this is wheel flex?
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  • It sounds very much like wheel flex, you could try to release the rear brake, ie turn the cable adjuster on the caliper anti-clockwise to open the gap between the brake blocks and the rim. Firstly check the gap between the blocks and rim are the same on both sides, occasionally they get knocked in storage or transport, if they require adjustment then manually re-aline.

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    Cool, thanks for the tip :)
    Cannondale CAAD 10 Ultegra
    Kinesis Racelight Tiagra
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    as above

    some wheels are just flexy, but it might also be worse checking spoke tension is correct, i had a set that from new were way below the manufacturer's spec.
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