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Shimano RS80 C24 or Giant P-SLR1 Wheelset

mr_mojomr_mojo Posts: 200
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I'm wanting to buy a new pair of wheels and was looking at the Shimano RS80 C24's but have just found a shop selling the Giant P-SLR1's at half price making them only a little more than the Shimano pair. These are not the Aero version.

After doing some research the Giant wheels are on a similar level to Shimano Dura-Ace wheelset and are about 150g lighter than the RS80's. The Giants also get some quite good reviews too.

What would you buy and why? Positive or negative comments welcome.


  • I have both wheels and have been switching between my 2005 Giant TCR Comp 1 and my new Giant Advanced Defy SL 0 - truthfully, I cannot tell the difference - the Giant seems really sure on braking on fast downhill runs but I sensed the Shimanos responded quicker up the hills - they also seem quicker to accelerate. I weighed them both and the Giant set is around 80 gm lighter\. My guess the Shimano is hundreds of dollars cheaper so would go with those if you had to buy new.
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