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ok as i make the plunge into road cycling, i'm wondering about tyres

my main concern if i'm honest is riding in the damp conditions and wet conditions that we here in newcastle refer to as summer.

the tyres that come on the roubaix don't look too grippy, of course i could be wrong... but what should i be looking for as a good solid damp condition tyre for maximum stability


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    Use the search facility. This topic has been done to death in the last few weeks.
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    FWIW the absence of tread has no bearing on the grip of a road tyre - it serves no purpose on tarmac / hard surfaces and likewise you can't 'aquaplane' a road tyre because the contact pressure of the tyre on tarmac is far too high. A wider tyre run at lower pressure will provide better grip than a skinnier one at higher pressure.
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  • On the recommendation of someone on here a few days ago I've just fitted some Vittoria Open Pave CG's. They really are superb and feel almost sticky
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    I'm guessing your Roubaix came with the same Specialized Roubaix tyres mine did. I like them so much I run them on one of my other bikes too. They're light, easy to get on and off the wheel and very grippy. What gives you grip at this time of year is a soft compound that'll dig into the road surface even when cold, these tyres seem pretty good at that. I'd stick with them.
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    Round ones.
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