Planning a long-distance ride

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Hi all

Currently planning a bit of an adventure: considering doing the End to End, with some additional (hiking / climbing) challenges thrown in along the way. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on training, gear, routes, etc? I do quite a lot of MTB (mainly trail, AM and a bit of freeride/DH) but currently no road cycling; what are the main things I should focus on to get my road riding up to scratch?

Also, I'm planning to buy a new roadbike: what will I need to do the job (and do it reasonably quickly)? I was thinking about trying to pack super-light: so just taking a backpack and foregoing panniers; so have been eyeing up light roadies with no rackmounts (sub £1,000) - does that seem achievable, or would I be better with something softer and more comfortable / toury, use panniers, and keep the backpack lighter?

Anything else I need to consider?

Any advice appreciated - Cheers!