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The other day on this forum I saw a link to a website where you put in start and end points for a route and then it shows you the route via google maps street view! Now I can't for the life of me find that link... can someone help me out?

Thanks! :D

Edit: Nevermind - found it ... tions.html


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    I think the website you're looking for is just normal google maps?

    When you put in a route and it gives you directions down the side, at each step you can click a streetview icon that appears next to the instruction and it will take you to that part of the route on streetview.

    When you go to print the route you're given the option to include streetview on the printout at each step, and can adjust the angle of the image to show the route properly.
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    There is a website that plays it as a "video" for you (obviously it's jerky as anything) - the person who posted the link originally said it might be helpful for people on turbo's to feel like they're really out on the road.
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    I can think of many things to watch on a turbo more interesting than that! If it was a continuous video I would understand.
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    Hah, yes - me too! I want to use it as a route planner, albeit a bit of a fiddly one.
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    BikeHike or Bikeroutetoaster would be easier.
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    Can I view all the google street views from it?
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    y33stu wrote:
    I can think of many things to watch on a turbo more interesting than that! If it was a continuous video I would understand.

    Personally found it very useful, i struggle to stay entertained on the turbo, but had the route from Ambleside to st bees over hardknott and wrynose playing over twin screens and along with music it kept me on the trainer longer than i would normally
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  • Maybe you are referring to
    This platform is not yet working seamless, but could be very inspirational to develop further as a route planner. A colleague of mine told me she can't cope with traditional route planners, as she is not very good in reading maps. She always want to see reference points in Street View, to know if she is at the right turn.
    A challenge we have in the Netherlands is that most cycle tracks are separate of the car network and Street View is not complete.