Wet or dry lube?

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Hi all,

Newbie here, I hope you can help me with this. For winter bike maintenance which type of lubricant is best to use dry or wet lubricant?




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  • I'm afraid you'll get a lot of answers to this. I use a 'wet' lube all year round (Green Oil), but some people use 'dry' in summer and 'wet' in winter, and others only ever use 'dry'. In other words, both can work. With that said, you can't go far wrong with a good basic 'wet' lube, and it's very easy to apply.
  • +1 to wet, in my (limited) experience it lasts longer
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    Wet. White Lightning.
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    Or refer to the other SAME thread in Road General!!!!!!
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    Do you de grease the chain section as well as the rings on the back.

    So degreaser all over, leave for 10 minutes then wash off, dry and add the wet/dry lube?

    Is the the general approach?
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    Clean the chain and cassette/jockey wheels/chainrings.

    Apply lube to the chain (rollers not side plates) and wipe off excess drips.
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    Commuter - Wet
    Weekender - Dry

    Wet lasts longer but is messier and picks up a lot more crud

    Dry doesn't pick up as much crud but doesn't last as long either