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Can anyone recommend a coach in Watford or the surrounding area?

It's for a friend of mine who's relatively new to cycling and has signed up for the Manchester to London 24 hour ride in June. He's asked me for advice but it's way beyond my knowledge how to prepare for something like this.

I've found Capital Cycle Coaching online, can anyone recommend them or anyone else in Herts?

Thanks, Paul


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    Most clubs will have BC qualified coaches, and they won't be charging a fortune either.

    I'm guessing that what your friend needs is a mixture of advice from experienced riders, and a bit of specific advice about the distance - again, a good club would be where all this is available.

    Having said all this, as it isn't a race he's riding, it will be about getting from A to B. Increasing the length of a Sunday ride each week to over 120 miles by May riding Audaxes would give a bit of structure) , and riding at least 3 or 4 other days each week - and he'd get from Manchester to London fine.

    My invoice is in the post :-)
  • you could try Jez Cox, he is based in st albans
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    Thanks both for the replies, much appreciated
  • Tbh you dont really NEED coaching for that sort of ride.
    Just being devils advocate here but there's a wealth of know-how online and if you look(it pretty easy too) there's a lot of reliable good information around.

    Given his got till june, Fitness shouldnt be a huge issue as their are plenty of training plans out there.
    Just comes down to bike confidence ect which is gained through going with mates on bike ect.

    Dont have to allways pay for things....big tip join a local club, Hertfordshire wheelers are a good one.
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