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Newbie with Carrera Valour from halfords

hartland93hartland93 Posts: 4
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Hello im new to the forums and im looking for a new hobby :mrgreen:
This is my bike: ... yId_165499

■Alloy Rims: Yes
■Brake Type: V-Brakes
■Chainset: Suntour CW-XCC-V2 chainset
■Exact Frame Size: 20"
■Fork travel: 100mm
■Forks: Suntour SF-XCT12-V4
■Frame Colour: Satin Ice White
■Frame Material: Aluminium
■Frame Size: 19-20
■Frame-: Lightweight 6061 aluminium
■Front Brake: Tektro alloy V-brake
■Front Mech: Shimano FD-M190
■Gear Shifters: Shimano ST-EF51-7 EZ fire trigger shifters
■Gender: Mens
■Handle Bars: Steel Riser bars (30mm rise) (25.4mm diameter)
■Headset: Semi integrated
■Hubs: Alloy with Q/R
■Number of Gears: 21
■Pedals: Wellgo alloy platform with toe clips
■Rear Brake: Tektro alloy V-brake
■Rear Mech: Shimano TX55 rear mech
■Rims: Double wall alloy rims
■Saddle: Carrera
■Stem: Ahead aluminium stem
■Suspension: Front
■Tyre size: 2.1"
■Tyres: Kenda Tyres
■Wheel Size: 26"
■Approximate Weight (KG): 13.5

I like it, i like the look of it and when i first got it i liked the way it rided. 4 months down the line and the brakes are stiff, jumps out of gear up hills and i presume thats because the gears need adjusting? Newbie to bikes and iv just managed to adjust my front V brake with aid of a video on the internet.

I mainly travel about 5 miles to work and 5 miles back on road, id like some mean chunky looking tyres which handle well on road and give me the option to do a little off roading. I know this bike is low spec, but can someone come up with a game plan on what to upgrade?

Im taking the bike this weekend to my local bike shop, after reading some of the "halfords horror" storys im not going to be taking it back there to be serviced.

Id love some weight off it, maybe some nice brakes.. definatly new tyres and i want it looking cool and kind of specialised :lol: I know its a budget bike so please dont flame me for it im new. any help at all is greatfull thanks



  • MTBUKMTBUK Posts: 146
    New forks...... lighter wheels.... and a set of brakes would do justice........ but spending that money, you may as well sell the bike and put the cash to another bike. I'd recommend thrashing the hell out of it..... get ya bucks worth, whilst setting a side few cents.......... then you will be more experienced, and can upgrade to a better bike.
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  • thanks for the quick response and it was a present from my mum and i dont have the power or the sum of money to buy a new one anytime soon. I was thinking of upgrading bit by bit that way i have more time to apreciate the new parts iv fit haha. But seriously could this bike be made a "good" bike??
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I wouldn't bother. New forks, wheels and drivetrain would cost more than a bike that might not be as good. Just keep it i serviced - though lighter tyres help.
  • how bad is the bike in your experience? could you recommend me any tyres?? thanks
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It's not bad per se - just that to upgrade it to better parts through out will cost a lot of money.

    Have a look at Continental SpeedKing MK2.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    There are a couple of obvious bits, tyres and the steel handlebars stand out, if you can get some replacement alloy bars locally (so costing £5 or less) then they will make a decent improvement, less harsh and will save you nearly half a kilo. Otherwise just ride it and keep on top of the maintenance, bits last longer if minor issues are fixed before they start breaking themselves!
  • ElliesDadElliesDad Posts: 245
    When I started biking again a year ago I got this same bike, nothing wrong with it just don't expect much from it off road! I used it for about 3 months then upgraded to a Boardman Comp as I got bitten by the the off road bug, now I'm on a Boardman full susser! :D

    As for the Valour, I actually thought it was a great bike. It served its purpose to get me back into biking and got my fitness levels up. It's fine for general cycling and handles blue routes no problem.

    As for tyres, I can recommend Panaracer XC Fire Pros, they roll well on the road and give plenty of grip and confidence off road.
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  • UliUli Posts: 190
    Why do you want to upgrade anything? You upgrade if you brake something or simply doesn't fit you. Enjoy your bike. With time you will know what needs to be upgraded without asking. As you new to it you may yet decide MTB is not your cup of tea.
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