Inner tubes to buy??

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Hi my new road bike coming tomorrow it says on website the tires are mavic 700x23 now that means nothing to me as I'm used to mountain biking what size inner tubes do I need?? As I wanna get some spares cheers lads


  • Just go into a bike shop and buy an innner tube for 700c tyres, they usually come in an 700 x 18-23 size, they will do the job
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    So the 23 is the width then mate I read somewhere in cycling magazine a review for winter tire that was 700x28 woul that fit on my wheel??
  • It's worth shopping around for inner tubes. Planet X tubes start at £1.59

    And yes 23mm is the width
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  • I'm new to road cycling so anyone more experienced please correct me.

    700c or 622mm is the circumference of the wheel.
    As you know 23 is the width.

    The width of tyre that that will fit on your wheel is dependant on the clearances on your frame(where the tyre might rub).

    A guy from a local bike shop told me he didn't use different tyres in the winter. He said he just lowered the tyre pressure. I was thinking about trying this.
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    cheers lads like i say i knew what i was doing with the old mtb but all this road stuff like rocket science at the moment lol think ill just go with the old 700x23 seeing as thats what coming with the bike cant be that bad can it cheers lads much appreciated