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15mm axle/Pro2 excessive play

Angus77Angus77 Posts: 4
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First post, but long time browser/reader of these pages of knowledge.

I have recently finished my first build - a 29er - and have put 15mm axled Rock Shox forks on it. I have Stans Crest rims running on Hope Pro2 Evo hubs. It had its first off road ride on New Years' morning.

I have noticed what I think is significant lateral play in the hub/axle and wonder if anyone has had similar issues (and solutions) ?

I have attempted to show the movement (rocking the bike gently against a closed front brake) here:

All parts are NEW.

The QR is tightly tensioned.

There doesn't seem to be any play between the 15mm hub adaptors and the hub bearings/body.

The headset isn't loose.

As I can make out, it is coming from the axle/hub not being a snug enough fit. When I put the axle through the hub on its own (i.e. not attaching it to the fork) there is detectable movement between the axle/hub (but not enough to see on a mobile phone video)

Anyone had this issue? Just manufacturing tolerances being exacerbated by the larger diameter wheel?

Should I....

1. Try a new set of 15mm adaptors
2. Replace the axle
3. Send the wheel back
4. Other

Many thanks.



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Do the bearings feel smooth with no play?
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    When you say it is tight, does that mean the qr lever itself on the 15qr or you've just tightened it (by turning the whole axle) as much as you can?
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    have you measured anything yet?

    do you have some vernier callipers?
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  • sanchez89sanchez89 Posts: 567
    when you slot the wheel into the forks, is it a good tight fit. does it give a nice positive clunk when the hub bore lines up with the hole in the forks?

    if not then the hub spacing might be ever so slightly under size or the fork legs are spread slightly. and due to the larger diameter its having a much more noticeable effect.

    both my forks are 15mm thru axle and my pro2 evo and fulcrum hubs make a nice clunk noise when they line up and are fully slotted in.

    as Nick says you really do need to start measuring and checking sizes.
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  • Hi Guys, and thanks for quick responses.

    Haven't been able to get back out to the garage yet (kids!!) to check on your input.

    @supersonic - will check again, but there was no sign of play in the bearings when I received the wheels a month or so ago.

    @ride_whenever - the lever is tight. The axle is rotated such that the lever closes upwards. This is less than 90 degrees from fully tight. Will see if that makes any difference.

    @nicklouse - I do have vernier calipers. Not digital ones. I see what you're getting at. Will measure as soon as I can.

    @sanchez89 - hadn't considered that option. I do get a positive clunk when I insert the wheel. Also I presume I would get noticeable disc rotor rub if the hub was short/fork axle long. I don't (reassuringly).

    Will be back after some checking/measuring.

  • I had a similar issue with my old RS Rev's. If you look at the dropout the surface where the wheel axle needs to sit is slightly machined in from the rest of it. I used to have to fit the wheel, tighten the maxle then give the wheel a good wiggle and tighten the maxle again. This then sorted things out.
  • Now solved.

    Like my old teachers used to say... READ THE INSTRUCTIONS :oops:
    Never did learn.

    Essentially I hadn't tightened the axle enough before closing the lever. Doing what Rick suggested has helped.

    Thanks for everyone's time and input.

    Just heard about Burry Stander - :shock:

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