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Hi all thought I would say Hi, been looking at threads for a while and have learnt a lot. I started cycling last year when I did L2B on my Hybrid bike. After that I bought a Felt Z95 and love it. I did a small amount of training on the bike and lots of training in the gym and lost 2 stone and did the Essex 100 miles in 7 hours 40 Mins in September in which I was pleased with. I now go out with the local club (development ride) 26 miles on a Saturday and have my own spin bike which comes in handy if I can’t get out on the road. I plan to do more 100 mile rides this year but want to do a C2C as my top challenge. Does anybody know of any events that don't cost the earth to enter as people get fed up with sponsoring you? Found one but it has 4500 meters of climbing :shock: and looks like it’s for top cyclists.

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    C2C routes are well known and plotted out, no need for it to be done as an event. Just get a few mates together and do it, or do it solo. Do them over 2 days if necessary, I'm certainly going to do at least one this year.

    There are 6 common signposted routes that I have seen:
    Hadrians Cycleway - 174 miles Ravenglass - South Shields following the Roman Wall as much as possible.
    Reivers Cycle Route - 172 miles Whitehaven - Tynemouth
    Way Of The Roses - 170 miles Morecambe - Bridlington
    Walney to Wear & Whitby - 152 miles or 179 miles
    Trans Pennine Trail - 215 miles Southport - Hornsea
    Sea To Sea- 136 miles Whitehaven/Workington to Sunderland/Tynemouth
    Giant Defy 2 (2012)
    Giant Defy Advanced 2 (2013)
    Giant Revel 1 Ltd (2013)
  • +1 for Evans ride it. They are organised by Evans cycles and you can sometimes get them for £12.50 if you book online.
    You can get that back in free energy bars and gels if you have big hands :)
    I rode their Epping sportive last year which was very similar to the AMR Essex 100 in terms of challenge but, as said, they do provide a variety of courses.

    Link here.. http://www.evanscycles.com/ride-it/find-a-ride

    Also you have a 75 miler going out of Wickford on Feb 24th (gutted that I can't make this one) which will cost you a massive £5 :wink:

    Link here... http://www.essexcycling.co.uk/events/ctc_seg75/seg75_cover4web.htm
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    Thanks for the replys and info I did the Essex 100 through the link below and it was very well organised. It cost £50 but worth it.
    http://www.action.org.uk/get_involved/c ... bike_rides

    Will look into the evans ones and thanks for the links to the C2C rides, doing it ourselfs could be a option

    Many Thanks Neil
  • Some friends and I are doing the way of the Roses in may next year, tough 70 miles to start then fairly flat . Did 111 miles of it in November as a test, lovely route.