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Sum up your 2012 in Words and Pictures, and Happy New Year!

Nuts4fsrNuts4fsr Posts: 1,084
edited January 2013 in The Crudcatcher
So, started the year last year with a bang. Lots of biking, and much fun.

No Pix. I was riding 8)

Then from late JanI started looking in earnest for a wedding venue, having popped the question in May 2011 at what is argueably the best place to say you want to marry someone (spend your life with them). Under the telescope at Greenwich observatory at THE point at which all time is set from. :mrgreen:

My other half then worked really hard, and finished her Sports Massage course.
Loads of free massages for me and my biking mates as she trained :mrgreen:

More riding.

Bought an AEE camera, better than Go Pro HD2. More stuffz

Booked the Church and Wedding reception in May

More riding. No Pix

Painted the road up Box Hill for the Olympic Road race with a little graffiti.
Got cheered on and encouraged by the Police who drove past while I was spraying:


Saw an excellent sign in a cafe last year. We happened past it again, so I took a pic:

Got married in September. Punching WELL above my weight :)

Had some of my biking friends from here and 'The Other Place' come.
Mr Lyden: El Capitano

Mr Kershaw: Homers Double

The Legend that is Mike Deere, and his partner Gina were my photographers:

Official Wedding Pix album is Serena & Phil, password is barker
Magical :)

My Best man. Also the brother of my ex, and a very good biker.

My Son and Daughter were the witnesses at my wedding:

My daughter had the best shoes on the day!!

Had a photobooth: ... 20Pictures

1st dance was to Etta James: At Last

We had Wedding CakeS

Honeymoon was in France.
Little Gité SW of Paris:

Seperate Private Pool:

Went to a Mushroom farm in the Loire Valley in an oled Limestone cave

Went to Paris for the Day: Did the Louvré Mrs Nuts4FSR outshone the Mona Lisa

Went up The Eiffel Tower


We were going to to to Sa Pobla in Majorca to stay at my mates hotel/restaurant, Mr Greens, but couldn't get flights

So we drove across France to Morzine (Interseason :( ) and stayed at Chilly Powder
Went up to Avoriaz and had a drive around there. Very nice, as usual.




Lots of nice restaurants still open in the area of Port Du Soleil
The wife decided she wants to move to an area where there is an 'On tap' supply of clients for her Holistic and Sports massage and reflexology. Has already started learning French, but is now interested in a move to Canada (Whistler!!!) as there is more money out there.

Think i have hit the jackpot. Stunning wife, and wants to move to a Mountabike/ Winter Sports mecca.
And she wants to start Biking/ Skiing etc

Came home, and went to my Brothers wedding 2 days later.

2 Weeks later, and after doing nearly 3000 miles in my car on honeymoon and to my brothers wedding, I gave it a full valet, 2 stage compound, polish and double wax. All to show it at the National Classic Car show at the NEC:

Gratuitous Before and after shot:

Inside the NEC:

Someone scuffed the bumper just before the show :(

All the rest of the Pix: ... how%202012

Had an excellent rest of the year, right up to Christmas when i caught Norovirus. Better now after 3 days in bed from Christmas day.

How was your year in Pix


  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,823
    Jan - moved house


    Mar - bought new car


    July - stag do


    Aug - got married here


    For honeymoon 2 weeks went


    Oct - purchased road bike, entered some long distance sportives for 2013


    Dec - was mainly this


    I hope to censored next year isnt as expensive...
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    Well mine was simple really.

    Started the year new years day.. got dumped.

    Middle rode a bit.

    End broke up with the new partner.

    much simpler experience than above lol.
  • Had knee surgery

    Ate some biscuits:

    Bought the Reed

    Worked a LOT

    Did lots of physio

    Got back on the bike

    Went to Gentress for Crudstock with some of the homos off here

    Went to Flamingo land

    Became a roadie

  • much simpler experience than above lol.

    Yea, me too.
    January 2012 decided I'd had enough of England
    March 2012, resigned from a 65K+ secure career position
    March 2012, threw all my possessions away at the recycle centre, much to the horror of many who were dumping real trash at the recycle centre. Things I dumped included 40" LCD TV, 3 x functioning 27" Apple monitors, MacPro dual processor, 6 month old double door fridge, 7 speaker Yamaha DSP surround sound system, PCs, laptops, Microwave and all kitchen type items, lampshades, household furnishings, 2 double beds and 12 bags of clothes including 8 x £900+ tailored suits
    Gave away 10 nitro 8th scale radio control race cars and all the kit that's needed to make them run..
    Gave all my bikes and tools away, scrapped the Land Rover and had to pay to get a fully functional, MOT worthy Land Rover taken off my hands by a breaker..
    April 2012, flew to France with nothing more than a suitcase of clothes and my cat Milo
    June 2012, decided to spend 6 months in South Africa
    December 2012, made decision to return to France

    Sorry no photos... but fark me, what a year 2012 was for just not giving a shyte, ripping it up and starting again..
  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,110
    Ill do this when i have time to give it full attention but the general aynipsus of what i did in 2012 is as follows

    Mountain biking is like sex.......more fun when someone else is getting hurt
  • spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 3,131
    My year has been mostly this due to my job

    Visit Clacton during the School holidays - it's like a never ending freak show.

    Who are you calling inbred?
  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    First half of 2012 :D

    New job, house sold in 6 weeks for £5k more than we needed, recovered nicely from hernia surgery

    Second Half of 2012 :(

    House sale and purchase falls through, Wife needs surgery (although technically that's 2013), injuries return (from running and crashing bike)

    2013 will hopefully be a year of health, zero injuries, new house and hopefully a DH rig
  • foxc_ukfoxc_uk Posts: 1,292
    Jan - relationship with THL going sh1te, Biking at Dalby
    Feb - Had the best snow I've experienced in Bulgaria
    Got dumped
    Grandad died
    Mar - short boarding trip in Morzine, great laugh.
    Biked in Hope Valley
    Started dating again
    Apr - Rode my bike (Grizedale, Helvellyn, Hope Valley, Pines) (No pics)
    May - Rode my bike (Kentmere, Whinlatter, Hope Valley, Place Fell/Boredale) (No pics)
    Did some jumping on horses
    Jun - Trip to Isle of Arran - rode horses, bikes and ambled around a bit,
    biked at Rivington & Cannock, saw the Dalai Lama,
    Jul - Trip to Innerleithen/Glentress, some berk wrote my car off, biked at Cannock
    trip to Morzine - rode horses and bikes
    Aug - Visit from Canadian friend, Alton Towers trip and night out drinking,
    got new car, biked at Cannock, Trip to Fort William - crashed into the floor in spectacular fashion
    Sept - recovering from the crash, hiking in the Howgills, Peaks, biked at Pines & Gisburn, Cat W died
    Oct - Beer festival, suffering with the whiplash
    Nov - Broke up with TFN. Went biking at Penmachno and didn’t fall off.
    Dec - Ate too much, drank too much, accepted job offer, went to Cornwall to see in the new year
  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    2012 was mostly censored TBH,
    Trails mainly looked like this all year, (picture was march i think)
    My Dad passed in April, Megga shock that one.
    Kaise passed a week later, that really knocked me for 6.
    Mutley, Clank, Gaz, Ste_T, Projectsome and myself made up team sausage with a little help from Ray Mears and we rode from Glossop to Bristol to raise money for cardiomyopithy
    after days of this, we then partied in this
    One of my life changing moments that 4 days, just a shame we were brought together by such a sad loss.

    Some of my friends attempted riding suicide in Epping
    My bike fell off the top of my car.
    Tried to make the most of the dry days/nights, no matter what got in my way
    Bacon roll stops are mandatory on group rides
    Work has been a bit trying this year since being taken over by a bunch of muppets.
    Managed to sneak in the odd ride to wales, but not as many as i would of liked.
    I've had to make a few life changes, and i'm still changing.
    Only did one race this year, and its the only time i remember it being completely dry!
    the following weekend after this race, on the same bike, i did this.
    i got a little angry but
    Bought a new bike while i was waiting for the HT to be replaced.
    Bought a new house. Waiting to move in.
    Which brings us pretty much up to Crimbo, not as bad as in previous years, but the kids enjoyed themselves and were spoilt rotten by all of us, Now to move on to a better 2013 where hopefully things can only get better?
    Kazza the Tranny
    Now for sale Fatty
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    in january i got a new job


    which meant i could ride more as i worked less hours:



    i then bought a downhill bike


    i moved house


    i celebrated my business being open for a year


    and then it was christmas and i played lego with my son

  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Nuts4fsr wrote:
    Got married in September. Punching WELL above my weight :)
    Crikey! Couldn't wait until the wedding night I see! Not surprised, mind, congrats :)
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    Nuts4fsr wrote:
    Got married in September. Punching WELL above my weight :)
    Crikey! Couldn't wait until the wedding night I see! Not surprised, mind, congrats :)

    exactly what i was thinking :lol:
  • Nuts4fsrNuts4fsr Posts: 1,084
    I am lucky. :)

    Fully qualified massage therapist too. And NO, no happy endings. We keep it strictly work related on my after ride therapies.
  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    Nuts4fsr wrote:
    no happy endings. We keep it strictly work related on my after ride therapies.
    Well that sucks, or doesnt :wink:
    Kazza the Tranny
    Now for sale Fatty
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    VWsurfbum wrote:
    Nuts4fsr wrote:
    no happy endings. We keep it strictly work related on my after ride therapies.
    Well that sucks, or doesnt :wink:
    We don't have the conflict of interest that marriage brings, send her our way! I'm also wondering if you missed the reference to your right hand in that photo? Seems a little keen that does!
  • Nuts4fsrNuts4fsr Posts: 1,084

    Bit far away from her super zone. I was holding up the train.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Jeez you guys all seem to have had busy 2012s. I started painting the bathroom in March and finished it next week hopefully apart from that I didnt do anything and have no pictures to prove it.
    Fig rolls: proof that god loves cyclists and that she wants us to do another lap
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    What did I do.... umm... I started 2012 in a nightclub in Bangkok signing and drinking and dancing to Skrillex, came back and started riding with a new club; ATGNI. Celebrated three years with my girl, bought a new DH bike, rode the Megavalanche trail during a two week Alps riding holiday, spent two weeks holidaying on the Western Islands of Scotland... and spent the last few hours in a pub with said girlfriend drinking, eating, singing and dancing with strangers! A very good year in all, if only I wasn't thinking about leaving my job cos its censored .
  • Started the year on a rooftop in new York
    Spent the first half the year on adoption courses and meeting social workers
    Adopted 3 children in August
    No idea where the last 3 months have gone
    Best Christmas ever
    pity those who don't drink, the way they feel when they wake is the best they will feel all day

    voodoo hoodoo
  • cicatrizcicatriz Posts: 411
    2012 started in the usual way with me just being lazy but full of good intentions.

    January was spent mainly indoors doing gym work and stripping down the bike for a good service. Managed the occasional walk out though in The Lakes.

    February was skiing in Bulgaria.

    March was out on the bike and bagged myself another Stane.

    April was more biking and a trip to the zoo.

    May was Tenerife and some deep sea fishing.

    June was spent in and around The Lakes,
    and in a beach house on the Jersey Shore / Atlantic City.

    July was break up time (seems to be a common event this year). Coincidentally it was on July 4th that I got my Independence too.

    August and September were spent working way too many hours.

    October was a lazy month with very little to report.

    November and December I spent some time in Hong Kong and Thailand.

    Hong Kong harbour.
    Temple Street market.
    Amazing nunnery on Kowloon.

    Cool elephant inThailand.
    Sunset over the Andaman Sea.

    Not a bad year all told.
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
    Lots of uni meh.
    Couple of holidays to Spain.
    Rode bikes, played hockey, picked up a few nasty injuries etc.
    Got paid for fisting sheep. Revised and did some exams. Thought I failed the exams and got very angry.
    Ended living in Camden on a low after a chavvy censored tried to mug me and someone tried to break into the flat, all on my last night down there. Vented exam anger on said persons.
    Turned out I didn't fail the exams, somehow.
    Did some bacon and milk farming, was properly good.
    Had a scare RE a case of the Lance Armstrongs, had a pretty tough month turned out fine for now, everyone was really supportive and the good news came just before freshers week, was also single for it this year so it was a bit wild.
    More uni meh.
    Started uni bike club.
    Decided down south is censored for MTBs, just road the roadie and enjoyed it too much.
    Xmas etc. Resumed riding MTBs, it felt good.
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    My 2012 has been pretty horrendous really. Some high points, but that’s outweighed by all the low points.
    In February I went here:


    Caught this:

    I was rather ill. So Ill, I couldn’t ride or drive so had to get rid of the Subaru Outback and get something a bit smaller that Mrs C would drive:


    Initially, I didn’t like the C2, but I’ve worked on it bit over the past few months and I’m now starting to like it. It’s now a bit quicker and handles better.


    I also have roof bars so I can stick a bike on the roof.

    Even worse, I was too ill for HONC and to be honest any serious riding until July.

    April saw Moo (the rather large American Bulldog) move in:


    In May, the Olympic torch went through Barry (and surprisingly wasn’t stolen!):


    June was wet, very wet. Rode a fair amount trying to get some sort of fitness back, but didn’t really achieve this until July when I managed to clock 818 miles in the month.

    Also in June, my latest grandchild was born, Misha, 10 weeks early. She spend 12 weeks in intensive care.


    Due to my illness earlier in the year, I wasn’t allowed anywhere near her until she came home:


    August was a very busy month. On the 1st, we drove to near London to the Olympic Time Trial to watch Wiggo win Gold:


    On the 19th (the hottest day of the year), we visited Legoland in Windsor with free tickets from the Sun newspaper


    I bought this as a memento:


    The 26th August was my eldest Grandaughter’s 1st Birthday:


    She knows how to party hard…

    September was also a very busy month. As has already been posted, myself and my good lady wife attended Phil and Syreena’s wedding:


    It was good to catch up with a lot of peeps off here (and the other place).

    The Sunday of that weekend was WRC in Wales:


    Unfortunately, the following weekend, on my birthday, I pulled my back. It was so bad, I collapsed with the pain, hitting the shower door/window on the way down cutting my shoulder, which needed stitching. This put paid to me and Homer’s Double racing Oktoberfest. Pretty gutted as this is the first year in a very long time that I haven’t raced. I was off the bike for about 7 weeks.

    In Movember, grew this:


    It was also a month of yet more free Lego in the Sun newspaper:


    December was again another good month for Lego:


    I’d set myself two riding targets for 2012 – to ride 2,012 miles before the Olympics and do 5,000 miles during the year. I managed to achieve the first one, only just but only managed to ride 2992. Hopefully 2013 will be a better year…
  • AndyBeastAndyBeast Posts: 179
    January and February - trained for Ironman UK
    March - Birth or my first child, my beautiful daughter Eve.
    April, May, June and July - trained for IMUK while trying to raise a newborn, think I fell asleep swimming at one point!!
    July 22nd - Got retired by medics from IMUK with just 8 miles to go after puking in someone hedge apparently I didn't put up much of a fight.
    August, September, October, November & December - not trained or done anything other than spend time with my daughter and put on weight and had a crazy Christmas with a 9 month old!!

    2013 needs to start with me hitting the training and sorting out the eating!!
  • 360360 Posts: 5,940
    Did this:

    Bought this:


    2012 was alright.
  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,110
    Heres my 2012 summed up for your delight

    Moved from Wolverhampton to Cardiff, first time I'd ever lived away from the Midlands

    Left My job after 10 years with Central Trains slash London Midland to Go and work for Arriva Trains Wales

    Bought Farnsworth to make the short commute to work on

    Worked My First Arriva service on my own after 3 months of route learning, a Class 150 to Barry Island

    Imported and built Amy, named such following my Futurama theme as she was an import from Asia.

    As mentioned by VW following the sad loss of Crudcatcher Legend Kaise earlier in the year, I took part in the Kaiser Challenge and had the honour of leading "Team Sausage"

    We lost Ian, but he made sure that didn't happen again

    Turned Bisexual after I had n+1 bikes stolen and replaced them with Zapp

    Settled out of court with damages of a mince pie when I met Foxc face to face.....vowed to never stalk again

    And all through 2012
    Had the support of Mrs Gazlar
    Mountain biking is like sex.......more fun when someone else is getting hurt
  • EH_RobEH_Rob Posts: 1,134
    Bought a Nomad.

    Couldn't afford to do anything else.
  • Mike DeereMike Deere Posts: 4,259
    January: Partied in unusual locations

    February: Went to Belgium

    March: Went back to Belgium

    April: Photographed some drum and bass nights for the first time in a year

    May: Group exhibition with some friends in Covent Garden

    June: Went to Germany, slept in (former) Palaces

    July: Did the off-piste route up Snowdon

    August: Spent £2500 on a camera, and had some change left over to rebuild my bike


    September: Mr Nuts4fsr's Wedding

    October: Spent a lot of time underground, making artificial clouds

    November: Girlfriend's first solo exhibition, at the Groucho Club

    December: Celebrated St. Barbara's Day by mixing underground with sizeable pyrotechnics.

    All in all pretty good :mrgreen:

    Note to self for 2013: Ride more places, take photos of riding.
  • Jan - Ended up single. Saved a shed load of money too!

    Not much happened most of the year. Just plenty of this ... UvqMptFlLg and a fair amount of riding.

    Jul - Went to the F1 at silverstone with some old friends, despite the weather probably one of the best weekends of the past few years.

    Aug - went to Leeds fest for the first time in 3 years and despite all the underage chavs, indies, emos and hipsters had a great time!

    Oct - Went to Alton Towers for the first time since I was born, a whole 22 years or so. Came away wondering why I was so scared to go... It was bloody brilliant.

    December - Saved enough money to buy myself torque-ex.png

    Then I woke up on New Years Day lying on my kitchen worktop with my feet in the sink... Not sure how or why!

    Who knows what this year will bring. Maybe a place of my own, hopefully some new opportunities and plenty of riding and general mayhem with friends.

    Go big or go home.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,848
    Not taken enough pictures so all words

    This year has been due dilegence * 2 and then new corporate owners and a vast increase in work

    Still plugging away with the MBA

    Great fun with the family inbetween and constant effort to kill my liver.

    The worrying thing is some of you crudders have actually met - a thought that scares the muck out of me :)
  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    Mike Deere wrote:
    March: Went back to Belgium
    Not sure why but i love this pic
    Kazza the Tranny
    Now for sale Fatty
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