Rob Roy challenge 2013

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I'm a newbie here so hope I have chosen the right forum for this post! I have just signed myself up for the Rob Roy challenge next year through work ( I work for Alzheimer Scotland one of the supported charities) and was wondering if anyone on here has completed this previously?

I am also looking for advice on the right bike to purchase, at the moment I am thinking a budget of no more than £300 as I am unsure as to how much I will continue cycling after the event. I would like to go to an independent dealer as I know opinion of halfords is mixed, however the three LBS I know of the minimum is £300 even with the January sales on!

My local halfords is Livingston branch, does anyone on here have experience of this branch? I'm considering either the Carrera vengeance or carrera centos but also wondered about a hybrid and in particular the carrera subway ltd edition but would this be suitable for the Rob Roy?

Any feedback would be most appreciated!


  • Plenty of views but no replies - have I posted in the wrong forum?
  • Wow, helpful lot aren't you?
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    On balance nothing wrong with Halfords - suggest you post the question in Mountain Bike<Beginners.