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Opinions on old lights?

GamblorGamblor Posts: 84
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
I've been looking at getting another light to go with my Cateye EL-135 as its good enough to be seen, but not really good enough to light the way on dark paths. I don't do a great deal of offroad riding at the moment, but quite like riding down the coast road which has a few unlit patches.

Anyway, I stubled across a few lights for sale, and thought I'd snap them up for £13. I'm more interested in the Cateye one, and plan to use it in conjunction with my existing light.

I know they're rather old, but does anyone have any opinions one way or another on them?


  • 02gf7402gf74 Posts: 1,168
    I wouldn't bother with those.

    LED emitter (high power white LEDs) technology is improving all the time - for £ 15 you can get a single lamp that will outshone all of those and some.

    For £ 20 I would recommend this (I have 2 of these - I did make my own LED lamps 2 years ago but these win hands down for price/performance)

    search ebay for "CREE XM-L XML T6 LED 1800Lm Headlamp Rechargeable Headlight" - loads of torches and lamps for similar amount.
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