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Some brake advice.

NewfishNewfish Posts: 121
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I was wondering if someone could help. I am looking to upgrade my brakes on my bike from the current Tektro Drako 160mm disc brakes to some Shimano ones.

The reason (and problem) I have is short fingers. My current set up isn't ideal and although I can adjust them a bit I would prefer (ie I want new shiney ones) to upgrade anyhow.

The other day I was in my LBS and having a fiddle with one of the Whyte 29er bikes they had and noticed that the brakes it had I could comfortably reach the levers with one (or 2) fingers without stretching too much. Now I think that it had Shimano XT BR-M785's on it. ( ... elID=67208)

How do people rate this set of brakes from personal use?

I know that I can get Avid's for less, but have heard such mixed reviews on here and elsewhere that I don't want to go that route, and although Hope's would be nice I am a bit against selling body parts just yet.

If I do go for this set of brakes, is the Shimano XT M770 shifter the one that fits well with those levers? From the research I have done the M770 is 9sp and the 780 is 10 sp, I need a 9 sp.

Thank you all in advance.
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    I thought all brakes had reach adjust for the levers. But those are superb brakes - quite an expensive upgrade though.
    What shifters do you have - probably no need to change them especially if they are dual release. The Shimano levers are very short and depending on how you hold your fingers, can force a shift when you brake.
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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    The dracos should have reach adjust. This link seems to suggest there is a reach pin. ... aco-Spares
  • NewfishNewfish Posts: 121
    Thanks guys for the replies. I know the Draco's have reach adjust, but having tested a pair of the M-785's and the feel is totally different.

    The main problem I am having is that the current set up I have is giving me hand ache. Due to short fingers I I need to have the brake levers in a certain place but could really do with having the shifters outside the brake clamp (currently inside towards the stem.) The shifters I have have indicator windows which means I can't move them. If, however I had the M-785's I could then put the shifters (m-770) exactly where I want them to make it more comfortable for my stumps!

    All the above and the fact they are really nice brakes and I feel like getting myself a Christmas present. :D

    One question from the original post though, is the M-770 the correct 9sp shifter that goes with the M-785 brakes?
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  • NewfishNewfish Posts: 121
    I have another quick question and thought I'd put it here rather than start a new thread.

    I have just put a new calliper on my bike (180mm Clark floating rotor) and accidentally (read total nob) squeezed the brake leaver till the pads touched.

    Now, no fluid has leaked out, and the pistons/callipers have returned to where they should be, but the leaver is really slack. Squeezes almost all the way to the handle bars. Now initially I thought this was because I had had the bike upside down to fit the rotor, but now realise it was probably from squeezing the leaver.

    Is it fubar and needs rebleeding or is there a simple fix I have missed?

    Not the end of the world as I have new brakes hopefully arriving mon/tues, however I'd quite like to go out today/tomorrow and would like it fixed.

    Thanks in advance.
    2012 Spesh Rockhopper
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