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AlsgonowAlsgonow Posts: 45
edited January 2013 in Your road bikes
So, here it is at last! :D

Finished the build, just need to waiting for a nice dry day :D


Built up with;
Ultegra Di2 complete groupset


and Mavic 2013 Cosmic Carbone SLR's


S-WORKS Carbon bars and stem
Look Keo Carbon pedals
Fi'zi:k Antares sadle

Bring on the dry days!!!!!
Must try harder!


  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,112
    Very nice, how is the di2? i just swapped over from mechanical to electronic and wow its sooooo much better.
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  • I am hoping for the same response as you when i use it!!

    It's not seen the outside world yet. :D
    Must try harder!
  • cracking that can i see some bigger pics im beginning the really like these
  • Well thats abit nice isnt it? :mrgreen:
  • Very nice!!! Love that colour scheme :D
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  • You've got to be fast pedalling that.

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  • Went for the red, white & black as the majority of the bikes that I have seen recently have been the matt black with a hint of colour, I prefer nice and shinny :D

    As for being fast (slowandsteady) I dont think so!

    My legs may well spin round fast but the wheels don't :(

    Not yet anyway, give it time ! :lol::lol:
    Must try harder!
  • nice one! Color scheme is great. i don't like the crankset though.
  • upperoilcanupperoilcan Posts: 1,180
    Nice to see another one with more than just black on it.. (Although the black ones do look fantastic).
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  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,992
    Looks great apart from the chainset. Arguments about gearing aside, the compact looks out of place on such a thick framed aero bike.
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  • I know its the compact chainset guys, but my legs just don't work with the 53 :lol:
    Must try harder!
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Great Bike , does look a bit odd with a compact on it though.

    I Reckon we ve all been coned a bit with this Compact chainset bussiness, admitedly I live in the flat lands of Lincolnshire with the odd foray into the peaks. But I switched back to a standard recently and it hasnt effected my climbing (still rubbish) but its certainly helped me to maintain a better average speed on most runs.

    Now there going on about Semi Compact chainsets. Why are they never the same P.C.D ( Tech ed's please explain) so you can just switch rings, surely most stuff in the Uk can be managed by swapping casettes.

    Any way Great bike sorry to Hi jack , I ll move it to workshop if anyone comes up with comments not related to the Venge.
  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 1,489
    Really loving the venges now.
    I have a 53/39 on my bike and had a compact before and although it was easier on the mountains it was soon out of speed for me on the flat and I can get the power down on the flat. Me being a big heavy lump I still get over the mountains with a 53 so for me I think I will always have a 53. If Ever i did a massive euro sportive I would think of a compact but for everyday use a 53 makes you work harder. Works for me anyway.

    Great bike really like the look of these.
  • ianhoianho Posts: 170
    That's a really really really tall seatpost!
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  • I went and had a full Specialized BG Fit at my LBS :)

    And I thought bloody hell how high, but it suits perfectly, leg angle is spot on at 30 degrees. :D

    Hopefully it will help me with the power, getting all the angles so called right.

    You never know i might get onto a 53 ring then. :wink:
    Must try harder!
  • 13jonny13jonny Posts: 15
    Perfect colour scheme I really like that! Did the specialized bike fit take long ?
  • Hi 13jonny,

    Thanks for your comments :D the bike fit took about two and a half hours, time will tell if it was worth it.

    I haven't adjusted my other bikes as yet to the same measurements, but will be doing so at the weekend. :wink:
    Must try harder!
  • paul_mckpaul_mck Posts: 1,058
    I went for 52/36 on my bike, gives the best of both imo. 36 is handy for when the going gets tough.

    Nice Venge btw, looks well bright but must admit Id be a matt black man myself.
  • Neale1978Neale1978 Posts: 484
    Looks amazing.. Ignore the compact spotter nerds

    Any chance of bigger images?
  • Bigger pictures for those that have requested them :D can be found here; ... 391413773/
    Must try harder!
  • StrithStrith Posts: 541
    Nice ride. Whats the weight? And is there no way of hiiding the battery?
  • Yeah the battery could go under the bottom bracket, but I didn't have the right battery mount for that option :( may change it in time, but once the bottle cages are on it won't be so in your face.

    Or I could blow some money and have an internal battery. Unlikely though :lol:

    As for the actual weight its a heafty 7.5kgs :wink:
    Must try harder!
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Nice bike, but ouch on the weight! Any plans to lighten it up or are you happy as it sits?
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  • Hi Grill,

    The groupset and the wheels weigh pretty much 4kg alone :( . Could save weight on the wheels, saddle, bars. But how deep are the pockets???

    Weight wasn't really high on the list to begin with, as I have enough of my own to loose. I just went for in my opinion a nice looking bike to begin with. :D

    A stone off me, and i'll then make it sub 7kgs, sound a good deal? :wink:
    Must try harder!
  • Total cost??
  • Very nice.

    I have the Sworks SL4 is similar colours.

    I'm assuming you have an adaptor fitted to get the Ultegra crankset to fit (extra cups). When I bought my frameset and realized this, I immediately stumped up the cash for the Sworks chainset as it integrates perfectly into the Sworks BB.

    Might be an upgrade to consider for the future, and would drop quite a bit of weight too.
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