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A question on bike fitting in particular position of saddle. We are told that with the crank in the 9 o'clock/3 o'clock position, a plumb line dropped from the bottom of the forward knee cap should pass through the centre of the pedal. MIne is quite a bit forward of this position - perhaps as much as a couple of inches but my Brookes 17 saddle is as far back as it will go. The structural 'bars' on the underside of the saddle narrow to a point where there's no obvious further adjustment. I don't have any particular body shape oddity - my hip to knee length is proportional to my 6' 1" height - but I can't believe with such a well known saddle, I'm not able to properly fit myself to the bike. Not certain it's relevant but the bike is a Ridgeback World Journey.

Raising the saddle would probably solve this problem as it would go 'up and back' but the height is right as it is.

Am I missing something?



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    You can get offset seat posts so that the seat does not sit immediately above the post but a bit behind it. Assuming your diagnosis is correct, this will help.

    I am no expert on bike fitting but the received wisdom seems to be that seat height is the single most important element of fitting so don't raise it too high just to get your seat a bit further back.