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Wheel & Hub sizing questions/confusions

stevekozstevekoz Posts: 103
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I own a rockrider 9.1 which im upgrading, the last on my wish list is wheels and hubs.

The wheels are fine, made by Rigida and as far as i can find out are sized as follows 32 hole, 2mm spoke, JT D041/D142

Question - what does that mean, i assume its wheel width 41mm and hub width 142mm??

Does that mean i can't fit a rim with 135mm hub - say a superstar or a hope which are on my list - they seem to be a standard size but finding 142 is proving tricky - maybe cus i've got it all backwards??

I want to change rims as im heavy and i find standard wheels taco fairly easily for us bigger guys on trails / jumps etc. even small ones. I tend to go for a stiffer heavier DH rim, speed/weight aren't the deriving factor for me on wheels.

Does rim width / depth etc matter? Can i swap rims for ones which are wider or deeper or thinner even? Im in need of a wheel guru

Help is appreciated.

Cheers guys n girls.


  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,785
    I'd be suprised if you have 142mm rear hubs on a RR9.1. Will be 135mm standard QR rear hub and 41mm is a bit wide for a rim... probably be more like 19-21mm or something, I think my DH rims are 36mm maybe?

    Hope and superstar hubs, I believe can fit 135mm or 142mm anyway, you just need certain adapters.

    You can spec whatever rim you want really, go for DH strong if you feel you need it and aren't fussed about weight. Just need to make sure you can use the tyres you want to with the rims you want, you can't run massive tyres on lightweight narrow XC rims, just as you can't run narrow tyres on big wide DH rims.

    For instance my DH rims say not to use anything narrower than a 2.3in tyre, but my XC rims recommend 2.1in as the maximum. A rim sitting somewhere in the middle between the two extremes in terms of width (and weight, use etc.) i.e. an "all mountain" rim would most likely be your best bet, be able to run most XC tyres or narrower DH tyres, get a decent compromise between strength and weight.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    JT041/142 are the hub models, by Joytech. Nothing to do with their size.

    The 9.1 requires standard quick release hubs.
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