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Thinking about purchasing a pair of "Specialized S-Works Road Shoes" for next year, seen some good online deals at the moment, my only concern is, what size I should go for, My normal everyday shoe size is 8 - Unfortunately with these been online deals I'm unable to try them on.....
So I'm hoping there is some S-Works Road Shoe Users on this site who can help me with the sizing on these shoes.


  • dave35
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    Certainly worth doing this, buy 2 pairs and send one back.
    I have 2 pairs of s works shoes,one in a 42 and the other in a 43-both fit perfectly-i'm a 42 in normal shoes.
  • My feet are 8 and my S Works are UK8.6 (EU43 / US9.6). The 8's were too small.
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    Hi there, I'm a size 7.5-8 in normal shoes and use a size 8/42 in S-works. They fit snug and come up narrower (but the length is good) than the older specialized race shoes I have, but are a good fit on me. I do have fairly narrow feet though. Can't go wrong with Dave35's suggestion.
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    i'm 46 in normal shoes and the s-works, but fit depends on foot shape so there's no substitute for trying on

    one extra thing to consider, the shoes come with good footbeds giving 'normal' arch support, if you want to fit the blue, or green foorbeds with extra support and/or use the supplied wedges then it does take up a bit more room in the shoe, so allow for this when choosing
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    Best shoes ever...Im a 7.5 in normal and a 42 in the S-Works are spot on.

    You've got lots of adjustment with the two Boa Dials. Get a pair you wont regret it.
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  • Thanks for the replies guys.
    When buying road shoes, is it better to have them a tight fit were your toe is almost at the front of the shoe or to have a shoe with some room at the front of the shoe?
  • maddog 2
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    some room at the front.

    The main thing is the fit across the top of the foot. I run two insoles to get this just right. Go bigger than you would in normal shoes - I'm 10 in normal shoes and eu45 in cycling (10.5).
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  • I'm usually a size 8 and my first pair of Spesh shoes were a 42, too small. I now have the 43's and they're perfect.