Campagnolo shifter. Replace or repair?

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The Campag xenon 10sp (2009) compact shifter paddle ( EC-CH429) on the L/H side has snapped to my dismay.
I can find the part on-line but I can't get hold of it and I'm not even sure a shop will fit it.
All the bike shops I've contacted say I have to replace the whole unit.

Any suggestions?

Should fix it or bite the bullet and buy new shifters either Xenon again, Veloce or Centaur?


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    Try mercian in derby, or another campag specialist.
    I know the shifters are rebuildable, but I don't yet have experience. If the part is availabe then it's repairable.
  • Hi, bad luck you broke the paddle!

    I've had my old ergolevers apart quite a few times (9spd Veloce and Xenon) to replace the g-springs (they give the older levers their indexing). Stripping them down involves taking the ergolever off the handlebars, squeezing the brake lever and pushing an Allen key into the internal gubbins, then put the Allen key/lever in a vice. This holds everything together while you work on the lever. There's then one screw to undo at the back of the lever and you can take off a metal plate and a spring and you should then be at your broken paddle.

    The fiddly bit is putting the lever back together as you'll need to re-wind the spring. But as there's only one way it'll all fit back together and work: trial-and-error will get you there in the end.

    I say have a go yourself before you buy the new part- there's nothing to lose and there are bound to be exploded diagrams on the interweb somewhere. If you can take it to bits you can probably put it back together!

    If that doesn't appeal, then the whole ergolevers come up on ebay pretty regularly.

    Hope that helps.

  • I have sent you a PM... Might have the part you need
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  • Thanks Guys