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2012 Trek Madone 5.9 or Scott CR1 SL

bartersbbartersb Posts: 63
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Hi guys, first time poster here.

I am about to pull the trigger on buying a bike to replace my 2007 Trek Madone 5.0 (60 cm) that was stolen some months back. As it turns out this is a bit of a blessing in disguise as the 60cm was too big for me (always felt too long). Having been properly sized it turns out I'm literally a bit like a woman. I have long legs & a short torso (men are typically the reverse of this). So despite being 6ft2 the 58cm is the way I've been advised to go.

I have my eye on two 2012 models on sale right now:

1. Trek Madone 5.9
2. Scott CR1 SL

With the deal I can get the Scott will be £400 more expensive (however it's a 6.6 kg bike with full mech DA & kysrium SL wheelset so I doubt I'd ever feel the need to upgrade any bit of it). The madone is cheaper & is ultegra di2.

A bit about me & what I want the bike for:

1. I'm 33. Weigh 95 kg currently. Now living in Geneva, Switzerland.
2. Goal is to complete next years etape & get back into cycling now that I'm living in such a perfect location for it. I'd like to tick off a lot of the famous climbs as I live within a few hours of so many of them eg. Alp d'huez.
3. I have a few years good riding experience but not much the past 18 months. I did ride the 2008 etape in under 8 hrs & used to ride around 200 miles per week. My weight has been down to 82 kg in the past & I hope to be 85kg (aggressive goal) for the etape.
4. I just found an old pic of my 2007 Madone & was shocked to see just how many spacers I had 3-4cm) so a longer head tube should take me back to where I was before without using spacers.

Thanks for any constructive offered & hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.



  • ivanoileivanoile Posts: 202
    I know that you didn't look at other models.But you should try Trek Domane,at least for me it would be a great bike for you.Softer than Madone.
    Other,Ultegra Di2 will be tougher to replace(more expensive) if you break it and Dura Ace you can replace easily with almost any Shimano der.But Ultegra Di2 is easy to use,I tried it for a few hours and it feels great,like a pro.
    You should for some good wheels beacuse of you weight,Ksyrum SL would be good choice.
    And one thing,difference between Ultegra and Dura Ace is only in weight and price,so you can maybe lower the price of Scott by putting Ultegra.
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